The perfect gift for the woman who has everything!

As some of you already know, I love having fresh flowers in my home, and almost always have some near my desk where I can enjoy them as I work. Not only do they brighten the room, but they make me smile when I look up and see them.

Perfect gift for the woman who has everything - a subscription to BloomsyBox! Handpicked, single-variety bouquets delivered monthly to your door one time, for 3 months, 6 months, a year - you choose! I received the most gorgeous two dozen roses I've ever seen - and they looked beautiful for 10 days.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a bright red box on my front porch, and inside were two dozen rosebuds, in mixed colors, courtesy of BloomsyBox. What a nice way to start the day!

BloomsyBox flowers arrive via FedEx overnight in a signature red box, carefully wrapped in paper, hand-tied with a ribbon, and secured with a cable tie.

I love that BloomsyBox includes a card with care instructions for the flowers. And there's no need to worry if there are a few petals that are wilted or a little brown - you can just gently remove those outer petals without harming the rest of the flower!

BloomsyBox bouquets arrive with care instructions so your flowers will last as long as possible.

Aren't they beautiful in a vase? And the fragrance - oh my gosh - just lovely!

BloomsyBox flowers are handpicked and shipped overnight as buds so that you can enjoy them as long as possible. My roses were beautiful for 10 days!

After a couple of days, they were even more gorgeous! Just look at those colors!

How gorgeous are these roses from BloomsyBox? Wouldn't you love to get flowers like this delivered to your door every month?

If you've never heard of BloomsyBox, let me tell you a little about them. They're a subscription service that delivers handpicked, single-variety bouquets to your door for $34.99, $38.99, or $48.99 per month. Those prices include overnight shipping to the US. Once you choose a bouquet size, you then choose a subscription plan - month-to-month, 3 month pre-pay, 6 month pre-pay, or 12 month pre-pay. You do save a bit by choosing one of the prepaid plans. All of the plans auto-renew, but you may cancel at any time.

You really can find something for every budget - and what a fantastic gift for someone special in your life! If you have someone (like my mother-in-law) who has everything, needs nothing, but you still want to surprise them and show them how much they are loved, this could be the perfect gift.

I just have to mention, too, that these roses lasted 10 days. Usually when I get roses, I'm lucky if they last 3-4 days before they're drooping and losing petals. Below is a photo of my BloomsyBox roses on Day 8 - they don't look much different than they did on Day 2!

Even after 8 days, my BloomsyBox roses still looked pretty!

I was curious to see how the price of this bouquet compared to similar bouquets (I was told this was a Bloomsy M bouquet, priced at $38.99 at BloomsyBox), so I did a quick price comparison at some online florists. One offered two dozen mixed color roses (but the colors were only red, yellow, white, and light pink) for $49.99, but charged $29.98 for shipping, for a total of $79.97! Another didn't offer mixed roses. A third charged $49.99 (sale price) for the roses (but the colors were only red, yellow, orange, and pink), included a clear vase, and charged a $29.99 "service fee" for a total of $79.98. These three companies were all companies that I have ordered flowers from in the past. I could easily have sent two bouquets from BloomsyBox for what I paid for one bouquet at these other places - and the quality of the BloomsyBox flowers were superior, and there were more colors as well. I will definitely be considering them as a gift option in the future.

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This post was sponsored by BloomsyBox.
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