Product Review: Nude Skincare Progenius Treatment Milk & Rescue Oil

Have you heard of or tried any Nude Skincare products? I reviewed their Advanced Renewal Serum last week (you can read the review here), and today I'm going to be reviewing their Progenius Treatment Milk and Omega Treatment Rescue Oil.

UPDATE: As far as I can tell, these products are only available from stores in the UK. I see that some of the products are available on Amazon, but I would just check the prices to be sure you're not overpaying. I will link to the general Nude Skincare category on Amazon rather than try to link to specific products.

Nude Skincare Progenius Treatment Milk & Rescue Oil

I've been having some issues with my skin lately. It's been sucking up moisture like crazy, but I have to be careful about what I use because it's very sensitive and is also prone to breakouts. All of that makes finding the right products very difficult. When I saw the Treatment Milk and Rescue Oil available as a duo in travel sizes for just $22 at Sephora, I decided to give it a try.

*Break for soapbox rant*
You know, when you reach a certain age, and have to use anti-aging products in earnest, you really shouldn't have to deal with sensitivity and breakouts, too. I'm already dealing with dryness and lines, so do I really have to mess with that, too? Not cool. Can I get an amen?
*Stepping off soapbox*

Ingredient list for Nude Skincare Progenius Treatment Milk & Rescue Oil

I've always been a fan of oils for the skin, and I've always had a lot of success when using them - even when my skin was oily. So after looking at the ingredient list for both products, I was intrigued, and decided they should be safe to try.

Product Review: Nude Skincare Progenius Treatment Milk & Rescue Oil

The Treatment Milk is a concentrated blend of 10 naturally-sourced plant oils and superfood extracts, rich in all five omegas. It contains oat-seed extract for long-term hydration, and pomegranate extract as an antioxidant. It claims to be clinically proven to hydrate skin for 24 hours.

The Rescue Oil contains bakuchiol, which is a natural alternative to retinol - but it's supposed to smooth skin without irritation. It also contains coleus root, rosemary, and thyme extracts as antioxidants and purifiers to clarify skin. Rose hip oil nourishes with vitamin C and omegas 3 and 6.

There is fragrance in both products, but it is at the very bottom of the list of ingredients, so while I wasn't thrilled that they contained fragrance, at least it was minimal. Can I just say that I wish skincare and beauty product manufacturers would stop putting fragrance in their products? When will they realize that there are a lot of people who have big-time sensitivities? You'd sell a lot more products without the fragrance!

Nude Skincare box

The Treatment Milk is described as a serum, and the full-size comes in a pump bottle. The travel size that I received, came in a tube and was a yellowish cream with a fairly lightweight consistency. I wouldn't call the consistency of what is in the tube a serum. Maybe it's a different consistency when it's in the bottle, but why would they make it two different consistencies?

The Rescue Oil is a slightly heavier oil, and you're supposed to press 2-3 drops onto your face after applying the Treatment Milk. I'm not sure how you're supposed to do that because it's almost impossible to apply 2-3 drops to your entire face on it's own. I actually ended up mixing the two products together, which made them very easy to apply, and they absorbed well that way.

samples of Nude Skincare Progenius Treatment Milk & Rescue Oil

I do need to say that both of these products have the scent of the botanicals of which they're made - the Treatment Milk smells very earthy, and the Rescue Oil smells of rosemary and thyme. Some may not like these scents. I didn't mind them, and they do dissipate fairly quickly.

Nude Skincare Progenius Treatment Milk & Rescue Oil

I used both of these products for almost 2 weeks, in the morning and the evening, as the last step in my skincare routine. I didn't use anything else new during that time. As I mentioned above, my skin was really thirsty, and looking for moisture, so these seemed to be the perfect products. They felt a bit "greasy" (for lack of a better word) when first applying, but anyone who has used oils will know that this isn't unusual until the oil is absorbed. Once the products were absorbed (which didn't take long), my skin felt so soft and smooth!

I really thought I had found some holy grail products and I was thrilled! But unfortunately, I was wrong. Of course, I was - what was I thinking?? After about 10-14 days, I started to notice that the area under my eyes was starting to look wrinkly, and my chin was breaking out like crazy. Not good. Especially for someone like me. Once I have a breakout and the skin is reddened, it can take months to get rid of that redness. I stopped the products immediately and started back with my regular go-to routine that I know works, and within a week, my skin looked so much better. It's been almost a month now, and my skin is pretty much back to normal, but I still have a few pink spots from the breakouts. I swear by my Pretty Pearlfection Cream - it's the one thing I can count on to calm down any redness or breakouts. My skin loves it. (Yes, I'm touting my own product there, but

So, I think if your skin needs a lot of hydration and you're not prone to breakouts or sensitive to a lot of botanicals, these products might just work really well for you. The travel duo at $22 is an economical way to give them a try. And I'm not associated with Nude Skincare, and I get no perks for saying that. If you're oily, sensitive, or prone to breakouts, I think I would steer clear.

As I mentioned in the Advanced Renewal Serum post, Sephora is no longer carrying Nude Skincare products, but the Nude Skincare website still directs you to Sephora as their exclusive retailer. If you're interested in these products (or other Nude Skincare products), I'm not sure where you can buy them unless your local Sephora still has some in stock. I'm not sure where they are going to be sold now. 

Have you tried any Nude Skincare products?


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