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How was your weekend? There was some sort of sporting event...yeah, yeah, I know. The Super Bowl. I'm not really a football fan (in case you couldn't tell), so other than making pizza for Gus and Buddy, I didn't really do anything for it.

Last week on Instagram, here's what I shared:

Last Week on Instagram #6 - this week's recap of photos posted on {enjoy the view}'s Instagram feed! All of the details about each photo, including shopping links!
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Last week, I was so excited to get a gyro from Sebastian's! When we lived in Ohio, we used to eat there all of the time - but since we moved almost 9 years ago, I've only eaten there a couple of times. It's a small family-owned Greek restaurant that's been there for almost 40 years. The owner still works there everyday - and even recognized my husband after all these years. I've had gyros at a lot of different places, but Sebastian's is still my favorite!

Gyro from Sebastian's Greek Restaurant in Western Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio!

On Tuesday, I received my Erin Condren order - which contained my Valentine's Day cover that says "Follow Your Heart" in rose-gold metallic. The photo doesn't begin to do it justice! It's sooo pretty! I didn't share a photo of the back cover, but it's covered with white and rose-gold arrows! Remember, I shared a photo of my new rose-gold phone last week- I'm really, really loving the whole rose-gold thing. I'm not sure why I've resisted it until now!

The latest cover for my Erin Condren Life Planner! I love the rose-gold metallic lettering!

I made pasta with Bolognese sauce for everyone one day last week. Buddy says no one else is allowed to make the sauce. It's kind of funny, because I really don't do anything that special to it, so I always joke that the special ingredient is "Mom's love" and that's why no one else can make it like me! It's also funny that I'm married to an Italian and I don't really like pasta! Of course, both of our kids love it, so when I make it for Gus and the kids, I usually eat something else!

My homemade Bolognese sauce - the secret ingredient is "Mom's love"!

On Thursday, I did the gratuitous blog post plug for my review of Benefit Cosmetics It's Potent! Eye Cream . You can read my review here. I have such a difficult time finding products that I can use around my eyes. My skin is so sensitive there! It's quite annoying.

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream - I'm sharing my experience with this product, which is a brightening cream designed to fade dark circles.

On Friday, I posted a picture of my bottle of Josie Maran Argan Oil . It saved my face this week. I had been using some new products for a couple of weeks (I won't say which ones here because I'll be reviewing them soon), and my face ended up dry, flaky, and my makeup wouldn't go on well. Even after exfoliating, I was having issues, so I grabbed the argan oil and Wham! Bam! Overnight I was good as new! Thank you Josie Maran Cosmetics!

I had a bad reaction to another product this week, and Josie Maran Argan Oil saved me! My skin was back to normal the next day!

I had to share this picture of Angus. I was eating lunch at the table and he hopped up and plopped himself down about 6 inches away from me. I swear he stared directly into my soul and spoke into my mind like a Jedi, "This is the food that you no longer want..." It didn't work, but it was a nice try, cat.

This cat! He tries to run the house and my life, and he almost succeeds! Maine Coons are the best!!

Gus and I finally got a chance to go out to dinner (just the two of us) on Saturday. We usually do this every Saturday, but since his mom broke her shoulder, we haven't been able to do it. So it was nice to have the chance to do it again. I picked Chuy's since we hadn't been there for awhile - and the drink special was a frozen raspberry margarita (made with fresh raspberries). It was delicious - but that's not surprising - all of the drinks I've had there have been really good!

Chuy's has some of the best frozen adult beverages around, and this raspberry margarita is no exception!

And that's it for this week's roundup! If we aren't already following each other on social media, I'd love to connect with you!

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