Rocksbox Review #5

As I mentioned in my Rocksbox #4 review,  I'm no longer a Rocksbox ItGirl, so I can't offer a free month's subscription to Rocksbox - but I have one final Rocksbox review that I want to share with you!

Rocksbox #5 Review! Who doesn't love jewelry? And it's even better when it's delivered to your door! How fabulous is this necklace??

For those of you who may not know about Rocksbox, it's a subscription where you pay $19/month, and you receive three pieces of designer jewelry handpicked for you according to the profile you filled out when you joined. The jewelry is valued at approximately $200. You have the option of keeping one or more pieces, and purchasing them at a discounted price - or you may return them and get three new pieces. You can exchange your boxes as many times as you like during the month!

Like all of the other exchanges except the first (which took about 10-14 days for some reason), this one took 7 days from the time I mailed back the 4th box until the 5th one arrived in my mailbox. I really think that's an excellent turn-around time.

This Rocksbox contained a necklace, a pair of stud earrings, and a ring, with a combined value of approximately $153.

Kris Nations Hexagon stud earrings - cute tiny stud earrings that arrived in my 5th Rocksbox!

Hexagon Stud Earrings in silver by Kris Nations $35 (Insiders' Price $28) -
These were cute little earrings, but their inclusion in this box answered my previous question about whether or not the different stylists who chose the jewelry read the feedback you leave for the other stylists and the jewelry they chose for you. I specifically left feedback saying I did not wear stud earrings (unless they're tiny enough to fit in my cartilage piercings) after receiving a pair in an earlier box, and yet I received another pair of stud earrings. That was a real disappointment - and of course, I didn't wear the earrings. If you wear studs, these are cute - but they just weren't for me.

Double Bar Ring by Sophie Harper - another pretty piece in my 5th Rocksbox!

Double Bar Ring in silver by Sophie Harper $30 (Insiders' Price $24) -
This was a really pretty ring!! Unfortunately, once again, I couldn't wear it. I have rings here that fit, so I know what size ring I wear - and that is the size that I put on my profile. Yet none of the rings that I have received have fit. I'm just not sure what the problem is! Either the sizing is off on all of their rings or they're not sending the correct size. So that's another item that I can't wear again this month. Really, really bummed.

Kinetic Pendant by House of Harlow 1960 - I loved this gorgeous silver necklace that was in my 5th Rocksbox!

Kinetic Pendant in silver by House of Harlow 1960 $88 (Insiders' Price $70) -
I requested this necklace, and it didn't disappoint! It's really quite stunning! I love the pave crystals set in the elongated triangular pendant. The chain is about 22" long, and the pendant is about 2" long. I like that I can also use a chain extender to give the necklace a different look and make it work with different tops. I really wanted to buy this necklace, but upon further inspection, I felt that the chain was looking a bit dull, and that even the pendant itself looked a bit worn - or perhaps needed to be cleaned. I had $20 of Shine Spend that would've brought the price down to $50, but honestly, even for $50, I want my jewelry to look new. So after a couple of days of deliberation, I decided to just send everything back. But I really loved this necklace.

I very much enjoyed being a Rocksbox ItGirl - and I loved the idea of getting jewelry in the mail. I also liked the idea of being able to exchange it for different pieces, or purchase the pieces I wanted to keep. There were many pieces that I really liked, and that I did decide to buy.

However, I do feel that there are some things that could be improved. Several times, I received items that looked as if they had been repaired - and not well. Some items were priced much higher than what they appeared to be worth. More than once or twice I received boxes with only one piece that I could wear. More attention should be paid to all feedback, not just the initial profile. I also felt like the jewelry choices were much nicer in the beginning and then tapered off. If I had been paying for my subscription, I wouldn't have been happy at all. I don't understand, because I see such cute jewelry on their Instagram feed all of the time - and then I would get my boxes and I would end up being disappointed. Especially the last two.

Also, more than once, I was able to find the jewelry for less than the Insider Price minus my Spend Shine. I know Rocksbox doesn't claim to be a discount source - but if you're calling a price an "Insiders' Price" and then someone uses additional discounts on that price, it seems like it should be pretty difficult to find a lower price elsewhere. I wasn't always able to find items cheaper, but a lot of the time, I could find them for significantly less.

A happy ending...

Kinetic Pendant by House of Harlow 1960 - I ended up buying this necklace because I loved it so much!

The House of Harlow necklace that I loved so much? I checked around a bit, and found the same $88 necklace (that Rocksbox offered at an Insiders Price of $70), at for just $35.99!! Even after paying the shipping and tax, it was only $43.40, and when it arrived, it was shiny and new. So, so thrilled to have found it - and I love it, and I've worn it so many times already. It's soooo pretty! If you're a fan, it also comes in gold! Unfortunately, the last time I checked, the price had gone up to $52.99. But my point is - check around - you might just be able to find a better deal somewhere else.

What do you think of subscription boxes?

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