Rocksbox Review #3 + Try It Free For 1 Month!

It's Rocksbox review time again!! The next best thing to getting jewelry is bragging talking about the jewelry that you got, right?!

Rocksbox Review #3 + Try It Free For 1 Month! Check out the goodies I got in my 3rd Rocksbox, and find out how you can get your first month free!

This was my third Rocksbox set, and I'm pretty impressed with the turnaround time. It took exactly one week from the day I dropped my last set into the mailbox for the new set to arrive.

This time I received a necklace, a set of stacking rings, and a pair of earrings. When I saw the pictures of them online, they all looked so pretty! I had requested the necklace, so I was really excited to get that, but the other pieces looked nice, too.

Rocksbox - Beyond the Horizon necklace by Slate - can you say GORGEOUS?!

Slate Beyond the Horizon Necklace $56 - Insiders' Price $44
The necklace is silver with free-moving metal pieces of different lengths that form a chevron design. The middle piece of each chevron is set with pave crystals, and the chain has an extender (you know I love that!). Also, you could flip this around, and wear it so that the pave crystals weren't showing, and the necklace was just all silver - just to change it up a little and to get a 2-for-1! I wore this necklace every day for 9 days. I loved it. And I almost bought it. But I bought a necklace from the last Rocksbox, so I decided not to get this one. I think I have non-buyer's remorse.

Rocksbox - Chevron stack rings by Wanderlust + Co - sooo cool!

Wanderlust+Co Chevron Stack Rings $35 - Insiders' Price $28
These were really, really pretty silver rings shaped like chevrons. I don't wear rings other than my wedding & engagement rings very often, but I would've worn these - except they were too small to fit on any fingers except my pinkies. And I thought they looked weird there. I felt like I was ready to stab something (or someone). So I ended up not wearing these at all, which was a little disappointing. You give your ring size in your profile, so I'm not sure why these didn't fit.

Rocksbox - Chelsea earrings by Perry Street - sooo pretty!

Perry Street Chelsea Earrings $52 - Insiders' Price $39
These were fun, blingy earrings, and I was looking forward to wearing them. But when they arrived, I noticed right away that one of them looked odd. One had a main stone that was very sparkly, but the other one was dull. When I looked at it closer, I could see crackling and lines on the back of the stone. If I held it just the right way, I could also see a fingerprint through the stone. I've worked with DIY jewelry enough to know exactly what had happened - that stone had fallen out and someone had glued it back in. When I examined both earrings more closely, I could see that the same thing had happened with a couple of the smaller stones as well.

Rocksbox - Chelsea earrings by Perry Street - oops, some flaws!!

There was no way I could wear these earrings. I contacted Rocksbox right away to let them know about the condition of the earrings. I received a response within a half hour - complete with an apology and a $10 "Forever Spend" credit to my account. This differs from Shine Spend in that Shine Spend expires at the end of each month if you don't use it, and Forever Spend doesn't expire. I was pleased that they responded so quickly.

It was a real bummer that I was only able to wear one piece out of the three that were sent, even though I enjoyed the necklace a lot. The experience did, however, give me a chance to see how the Rocksbox customer service worked. I was impressed with how quickly they responded, and that they gave me $10 "Forever Spend" as compensation. I do think that the jewelry should be checked a little more closely before it is shipped out, because it was glaringly obvious that something was wrong with that earring. And I'm shocked that their retail price is $52 if the stones fall out that easily. But anyway...

Rocksbox Review #3 + Try It Free For 1 Month! Check out the goodies I got in my 3rd Rocksbox, and find out how you can get your first month free!

I still love the whole Rocksbox experience! I get so excited when the package arrives. I'm almost giddy when I pull that watermelon-colored ribbon to open the box! Everyone should experience it at least once. Luckily, you can give it a try and get your first month free if you use the code: enjoytheviewxoxo
No obligation to continue - you can cancel anytime after you send the jewelry back! You can't beat that deal!

Have you tried Rocksbox yet?

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