Guest Post: 5 DIY Projects for Autumn

Today, I have a special guest post for you with a round-up of some fun fall projects!

A roundup of five easy fun projects that anyone can do to bring a little autumn into their home!

by Jessica Kane

As autumn comes, there are plenty of chances to make use of the season to engage in some DIY projects around the home. Below are five great DIY projects you can use to spruce up the house and have fun during your free time:

Leaves can be used to make fun leaf prints for wall art!

Leaf Prints

Instead of raking up, bagging, and disposing of all those leaves outside, why not make use of them for a fun DIY project? One of the simplest is making leaf prints, a great way to add nature's beauty to the inside of your home.

  • Gather a few of your favorite leaves and/or flowers 
  • Press them between the pages of a book for a few days, until flat 
  • Make a color copy of the leaves/flowers with a copying machine 
  • Glue the color copies to a canvas-covered board 
  • Glue an inexpensive frame to the back the board 
  • Hang on your wall

No amount of human artistic skill can ever match the depth and vibrancy of nature's paintbrush, which is why leaf prints add such a beautiful aesthetic touch to your home.

Indian corn and an empty coffee can can make a fun autumn-themed cake stand!

 Indian Corn Stand

While decorating traditions are strong during Halloween and Christmas, some folks like to have a nice autumn centerpiece to put out between those other seasons, which is why the Indian Corn Stand fits the bill so nicely.

  • Take a few pieces of Indian corn, and cut them in half length-wise 
  • Take a large empty coffee can, and glue corn cob halves to outside of the can 
  • Place a cake stand on top of the can plus cob halves 
  • Place a few scattered leaves around the bottom 
  • Fill cake stand with your favorite autumn goodies

The Indian Corn Stand is great as a piece on your mantel or as the centerpiece of your kitchen table. Filled with harvest-themed baked goods, nobody will be able to resist the appeal of your Indian Corn Stand.

Kids will love making a leaf mask out of leavves they find in the yard!

Leaf Mask

What better way to make use of all those fall leaves than to turn it into a leaf mask perfect for Halloween? Amazingly, it's quite simple to take a few natural leaves and shape them into the perfect party mask.

  • Gather a few leaves of various sizes 
  • Press the leaves between a book for 2-3 days 
  • Spray the leaves with an acrylic fixative 
  • Draw the outline of your mask on some thin cardboard 
  • Cut out the mask, and verify eye holes are correctly aligned 
  • Make a hole on each side of the mask, and tie string or elastic to holes 
  • Glue leaves onto front of mask, starting with the largest leaves on the outside and smaller leaves on the inside

Perfect for a fun kid's craft project at home or as part of a perfectly seasonal Halloween costume.

Covering a mason jar with leaves is a quick and easy way to turn it into a fall candle holder! Just add a battery-operated candle!

Leaf Candle Jar

Every DIYer knows how versatile Mason jars are. With this wonderful DIY guide to making leaf candle jars, you can enjoy the beauty of those autumn leaves all year round.

  • Take an empty, clean Mason jar 
  • Using Mod Podge or other decoupage material, paint a thin layer on the outside of the jar 
  • Carefully place a leaf on the outside of the jar 
  • Add another layer of Mod Podge to the leaf, starting in the center and working your way outwards
  • Repeat until you've covered the jar with leaves 
  • Tie a nice string or ribbon to the top of the jar 
  • Add a candle to the inside of the jar and light it

Instead of shouting 'spooky', this crafty candle will add a warm harvest glow to any room in the house.

I love the leaf bowls you can make with a balloon, leaves, and a little Mod Podge!!

Leaf Bowl

Few other DIY projects will get you in the mood for autumn than a bowl made entirely from leaves. Once completed, it will definitely make for a perfect mantelpiece or table centerpiece, perfect for holding Halloween candies or other seasonal treats.

  • Take a balloon and inflate it to the desired size for the inside of your finished bowl 
  • Add a thin layer of Mod Podge (decoupage material) to the balloon 
  • Put a leaf onto the balloon and smooth it down 
  • Add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the leaf 
  • Repeat until balloon is covered with leaves 
  • Allow to dry for at least an hour 
  • Pop balloon

Fill with goodies and enjoy!

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for ECOS Paints, a leading vendor of superior, durable and eco-friendly paints.

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