Creative Organization Ideas for Your Makeup and Jewelry

Today I have a guest post for you that - if you're like me - you'll find extremely helpful! I can always use tips on organizing my makeup and jewelry, because I have tons of both (I swear it multiplies while I'm sleeping!), and it always seems to be spilling out of wherever I've stored it. So here are some tips to help you tame the beast!

Creative Organization Ideas for Your Makeup and Jewelry
by Danielle Hegedus 

Better lighting and organization are essential to cutting down on the time it takes to get ready!
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If you take forever to get ready to go out, and you know who you are, you may want to consider upgrading your dressing area to include better lighting and a quality organizational system. Access to natural lighting or lamps (non-fluorescent) will help you to expertly match jewelry and clothes and to precisely apply makeup. Just like you need to keep your clothes organized in your closet though, you’ll want to do the same with your jewelry and makeup so that you can always see what you have available to you, while also keeping items clean and undamaged. Read on for tips from Modernize that will keep your jewelry and makeup organized, while also making a fashion statement!

Introduce a Natural Design Element

Creating your own jewelry tree is a fun and inexpensive way to add a cool, unique piece of art to your room. Your tree will keep your necklaces and bracelets on display so you you don’t have to dig through a tiny jewelry box to find them, or worse yet, untangle them! You can purchase faux branches at most craft stores, or simply collect fallen branches from your yard. A quick coat of spray paint will seal them, while allowing you to add a burst of color like silver (pictured) or hot pink. Shop flea markets or garage sales for a funky vase or jar that can serve as the base for your tree. The best part about this tree is that you get to enjoy the beauty of your jewelry even when you’re not wearing any.

Faux branches are a great way to display necklaces & bracelets - and can double as decor!

Protect Your Makeup Brushes

You regularly wash your hands and face, right? What about your makeup brushes? Makeup brushes are a hotbed for bacteria. You should be washing them once a week--fully submerging the bristles in water and an antibacterial agent like soap or rubbing alcohol. It’s important to allow them to fully dry and to store them in a place that safeguards them from excess germs (away from the toilet, sink, shower, etc.). These simple vases can be filled with decorative stones, marbles, even coffee beans (whatever fits into your design motif) to keep brushes away from dirty surfaces and provide you with easy access when applying makeup.

Simple vases are an inexpensive yet classy way to store makeup brushes!
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Create a Rustic Display Case

Upcycle an old pallet to create the perfect display case for your jewelry and a few other sentimental items. Install small hooks that will enable you to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. When anchored securely to the wall, the pallet will provide narrow shelving that you can also use to display a dish for rings, knick knacks, and treasured or decorative photos.

A recycled pallet can pull double duty as shelves and jewelry display!

Display Your Fragrances Using Repurposed Kitchenware

Give this disregarded spice-rack new life as a way to organize and showcase perfumes. The vertical storage frees up much needed counter space, and if you are sharing a dressing room, you can even divvy up the shelves. Another great way to repurpose kitchen items is to use a pretty cake stand to display and organize fragrances and other beauty products. Like the spice-rack, the cake stand will free up counter space, while also making regular cleaning a breeze--no more relocating a zillion tiny bottles to wipe down the counters.

An upcycled spice rack works great for displaying & organizing perfume bottles!

Turn Your Jewelry Into Wall Art

These clipboards are a budget-friendly, easy way to proudly display your favorite jewelry, while also making it very easy to find! Simply secure clipboards to the wall. Use a level to create clean lines. Attach your favorite jewelry to help you easily choose accessories for any outfit. As you get new pieces that you wear more frequently, change up the rotation and you’ll also change the look of your space with new punches of color.

For an inexensive rotating jewelry display, hang a group of clipboards with pieces of jewelry clipped on them! You can change the jewelry weekly, monthly, or whenever the mood strikes!

Borrow Desk Accessories for a Sleek Look

These desk organizers are great at organizing your makeup and close easily to keep your space from looking cluttered. This could be a really fun and stylish way to accessorize an old desk that has been repurposed as a vanity. Check out your local office supply store for an array of options.

Desk organizers are a great way to organize your makeup!

Thanks, Danielle!

I hope you found some ideas to help organize your makeup and jewelry - or maybe these created a spark that led you to come up with something entirely new! If so, I want to hear about it!

How do you organize your makeup and jewelry?

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