Rocksbox Review #1 + Try It Free For 1 Month!

I. Love. Jewelry.

Seriously. I love jewelry like Kentucky loves the 'Cats. Like Tennessee loves whiskey. Like, well, you get it, right? So you know I was over-the-moon excited to get my first Rocksbox!

Rocksbox Review + Try It Free For 1 Month! Monthly subscription for designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy, or swap whenever you want! Free month with code enjoytheviewxoxo!

What's a Rocksbox and how do you get one, you ask?

Rocksbox is a monthly designer jewelry subscription, but it's a little different than most monthly subscription boxes. It's kind of like a Netflix rental! And IMO, super, super cool. You take a style survey so they have an idea of what type of jewelry you like (you can even request all silver, all gold, or mixed), and create a wish list from their inventory. Then for $19/month, your personal stylist will choose 3 items for you (some will come from your wish list) with an approximate value of $200.

These 3 items are yours to wear for however long you like. If you decide that you just can't live without one or more of the items, you can purchase them at a discount. You also receive $10 "Shine Spend" each month that goes toward any jewelry you purchase. When you return the jewelry, you just use the enclosed free return shipping label and re-use the original shipping bag.

For my first Rocksbox, I received two necklaces and a pair of earrings - and I love them all. My stylist, Tara, did a fantastic job!

The first piece was this delicate silver Gorjana Taner Bar Small Necklace:

Rocksbox Gorjana Taner Necklace

I really loved the simplicity of it! The retail price is $60, and the discounted Rocksbox price was $48 - if I had used my Shine Spend on it, I could've gotten it for $38 - and it was tempting. But the necklace was only 16" long, and apparently I have a large neck, LOL, because I have to have a  minimum of 17" for my necklaces. I used an extender for it, which was fine - but I decided to pass since it was too short. Decision made! But I still love it!

The second piece was this stunning Perry Street Penelope Necklace:

Rocksbox Perry Street Necklace

This was so amazing that even Psycho Jungle Cat couldn't stay away! The pictures do not do this necklace an iota of justice. It's a petite statement piece, but it's just gorgeous with the lavender, mint, pink, and smoky quartz. The retail price is $60, and the Rocksbox Insiders' price was $48 - so with $10 Shine Spend, it would've been $38. Again, I was tempted to keep it, but I have several statement necklaces in similar colors, so I decided to pass. There was lust in my heart though...

And the last items in my Rocksbox were these Kendra Scott Elle Silver Earrings in Slate Cat's Eye:

Rocksbox Kendra Scott Earrings

 As much as I liked the two necklaces, these pretty earrings were my favorite!

Rocksbox Kendra Scott Elle Earrings

Aren't they pretty? The retail price is $55, and the Rocksbox Insiders' price was $44 - so with $10 Shine Spend, that brought the price down to just $34! I changed my mind at least a dozen times - yes, I'll keep them; no, I won't. When this post goes live, I will have one day left to decide before I lose my July Shine Spend (it expires each month if you don't use it) - so I'll make my decision by then.

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

So far, I'm impressed. The quality of the jewelry is undeniable. Shipping has been quick. (I'll have to let you know about the turnaround time between returns and the next shipment.) And who doesn't love having a rotating selection of designer jewelry? That's been hand-selected for you by your personal stylist?

If you love jewelry, and this sounds like something that was tailor made for you, why not give Rocksbox a try? You can get a free one month subscription by using this code: enjoytheviewxoxo when you check out. And there's no obligation to continue after that month is over - you can cancel at anytime after you return the jewelry.

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription - Try it free for one month with code enjoytheviewxoxo!

(Note: I know a lot of people are skeptical because you have to enter a credit card number when you sign up - even with the free month. But think about it - they're loaning you $200 worth of designer jewelry. They run a $25 charge on your card, then void it immediately. They did it with my card and there was no problem at all.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or email me - I would be happy to answer them if I can!

(Disclaimer: I have a 3 month complimentary subscription to Rocksbox, but as always, all opinions stated in this post are unbiased and strictly mine.)

Do you love jewelry?
Have you heard of Rocksbox?
Are you going to give it a try?


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