Need Jewelry? Shop Etsy!

If you are looking for cute jewelry, stellar customer service, quick shipping, and owners who really care about your business, I highly recommend shopping on Etsy. I love supporting other small business owners! The problem is - where do you start? How do you know which shops are reputable? Which shops are going to ship quickly?

Need Jewelry? Shop Etsy!

I rely on word of mouth and reviews. Don't skip reading the reviews!! I've found some really cute things, put them in my cart, but stopped to read reviews to find that the seller didn't send items, never offered to make it right, never answered emails, etc. Whew! Glad I read those reviews!

So I'm here today to tell you about a shop that I recently found. If you're looking for any type of personalized jewelry, you absolutely need to check out Lori at Unmistakably Mine!

One of my nieces just celebrated her 18th birthday, and I wanted to get her a special gift. I knew I wanted a personalized necklace from Etsy, but I wasn't sure which shop to use. I narrowed my search to 3-4 shops, and then finally to a single shop - Unmistakably Mine. One of the necklaces Lori had for sale was the cutest little silver disc with the name hand-stamped on it, and there was a tiny heart stamped underneath the name. Adorable!! I emailed her about what I wanted on a second disc, and was really pleased when she answered right away.

One of my favorite Etsy jewelry shops: Unmistakably Mine!

Fortunately, she was able to do exactly what I wanted for the second disc - my niece's first initial, a plus sign, and her fiance's first initial. The only other thing I wanted to add was a flat Swarovski crystal birthstone, which Lori didn't have in her shop. However, I have jewelry pliers here, so I just purchased the charm from another seller and planned to put the charm on myself once the necklace arrived.

Imagine my surprise when I receive notification that the necklace shipped. The. Very. Next. Day!! Incredible!! It shipped first-class from Oregon and arrived in Kentucky four days later. Pretty impressive for the USPS, as well.

There was one little snafu in my perfect plan. I didn't stop to think that I wouldn't have a matching jump ring to add the charm to the necklace. I was sooooo bummed!! Nothing I had here matched and I didn't want to waste time running around town looking for something. I emailed Lori and asked her if she could possibly sell me a single jump ring to match the ones she used on my necklace. Once again, she answered me immediately - and get this - she said she would send me one, free of charge. (She actually sent two, just to make sure she got the right size!) She wouldn't even let me pay the shipping!

Etsy is a great place to find one-of-akind handcrafted gift items!

Not only was the necklace beautiful, but the customer service was spectacular - just above and beyond - and the turn-around time and shipping were both quick. So like I said, if you are looking for personalized jewelry, you will be sorry if you don't stop by Unmistakably Mine!

BTW, I am not affiliated with Lori or her shop in any way other than being a very satisfied customer. I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with y'all because like I said, when I'm shopping on Etsy, I rely on the reviews of the people who actually shop there.

I also wanted to mention that Lori said if you order more than one item and use the code freeship, well, you'll get free shipping!

I'm seriously thinking about getting a necklace like this for myself! So cute!! I have some extra birthstone charms, and I won't forget to buy the extra jump ring this time!!

Do you shop on Etsy?
What are some of your favorite shops?

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