Free T-Tapp Webinar now through July 24!!

Do you guys remember my T-Tapp post from April when I reviewed the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes?

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes

After reading the book and doing the exercises, I became a fan of the program. In just 4 weeks, I was able to lose 21.75 inches and 4.5 lbs. Yay!

My one complaint was that because it was a book rather than a DVD, it was a little difficult to understand how to do the exercises.

Well, guess what? Teresa Tapp is such a great motivator that she wants y'all to be able to do the exercises correctly. When she found out that people were wondering how to do the exercises, she made a 2 hour video, explaining the primary principles of T-Tapp workouts and demonstrating how to do several of the exercises. For free!

T-Tapp fitness program

During the webinar, Teresa will be teaching:
  • How to lose a lot of inches without loose skin - even 100 lbs!
  • How to develop muscles with density instead of bulk 
  • How to increase bone density without weights regardless of age - even seniors over 80!
  • How to flatten your belly faster using your fingers and feet
  • How to decrease inflammation with movement
  • How to decrease sciatica pain within minutes
  • How to decrease saddlebags within a week

Even if you don't have the book or have never done a T-Tapp exercise before, sign up. This is the perfect way to learn all about it without spending a penny!

You do need to register in order to get the video seminar online - but it is completely free of charge.

It is available now through July 24, 2015, so hurry and get it before it's too late!


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