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All About Organization Blog Hop

This post is part of the "All About Organization" Blog Hop! 

If you're like me, you can always use tips on being more organized. So I've joined with six other bloggers to bring you some organization ideas! I hope once you've checked out my post, you'll stop by each of their blogs to check out theirs, too!

Upcycling Candle Jars for Craft Organization

I love reusing items, and one of my favorite items to upcycle is Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle jars. I go through these candles like crazy because they Smell. So. Good. (My favorite is Cinnamon & Clove Buds, just in case you're looking for a gift idea for my birthday in November.) So I have a lot of these jars.

There are several things I like to keep on the work table in my craft room, and these jars are perfect for keeping small items within reach but out of the way. But before you can use the jars, you gotta get 'em clean.

Craft supplies in upcycled candle jars

I see all sorts of pins on Pinterest saying to boil the jars, melt the wax, etc. What's up with that? Sooooo messy!!! Let's do it the easy way! And luckily, these are pretty easy to clean. (Note: I'm using B&BW candle jars, but you can use any candle jars. Not all candles burn as cleanly as these, and not all wax will remove as easily - but once you get the jars clean, you can use them in the same way.)

First, I peel that clear label off the front of the jar - once you get it started, it comes off easily, and doesn't leave any residue. Yay!!

Gently peel the label off the front of the candle jar

Now for the wax. Pop that candle into the freezer and leave it there for a day or two! When you take it out, the wax will usually be cracked and you can just turn the candle over and the wax will fall out. Once in a while, you'll get a stubborn one, so you will need to very carefully take a knife and insert the tip into the wax. Gently! The wax should crack easily. Do that 2-3 times and then turn the candle jar over and the wax will fall out. (Some people save and reuse the old wax. You can do that if you want, but around here, ain't nobody got time for that.)

Place candle jar in freezer for a day or two to crack wax for removal.

If you're really lucky, the wicks will fall out with the old wax. If, like me, you get unlucky once in awhile, the wicks are going to stay stuck to the bottom of the jar. Again, very, very, carefully, take the tip of a sharp knife and insert it just under the edge of the glue dot holding the wick and lift up. It should pop right off.

There will probably be a little soot, residual wax, and maybe some glue inside. I like to fill the jar with hot soapy water (Dawn works really well), and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Also let the bottom of the jar get wet because there is a label there that you will want to peel off.

Fill jar with hot, soapy water

When you're ready to clean out the jar, either use an old dish scrubber or a paper towel, and wipe it clean. I've never had to wipe it more than a couple of times to get rid of everything. You can then turn it over and start peeling the label off the bottom. Ive found it best to loosen it all along one side, then you'll see the glue start to give way, and the whole thing comes off easily at that point.

Wet label on bottom of jar to remove

Now it's ready to fill with whatever you like! I have mine filled with rubberbands, washi tape, pouncers, buttons, brads/fasteners, scissors and rulers, paintbrushes, and jewelry tools. You could also label them, but since they're clear, I decided to skip the labels.

Craft tools in upcycled candle jars

I really love the way they look on my craft table!
How do you organize your craft supplies?

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