7 Free Planners You're Gonna Love!

7 Free Planners You're Gonna Love

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been having a planner-finding freak-out dilemma.

I'm very picky when it comes to planners. I don't like planners that have a lot of pages or sections of pages that I neither need nor want. I don't want a small planner that fits in my purse or that I can take with me. I want a nice-sized planner that is big enough for my old eyes to see without bifocals me to write in all the necessities. I like bright colors. I like fun designs. I like something that is intuitive and well-organized. Something that doesn't require me to put in hours of work to set it up just to make it work for me. I like a monthly calendar that spans two pages.

I know. I ask for a lot. Which is why I'm still looking for a planner.

I'm also kinda cheap. Well, I don't mind paying more for something that I really like or something that I'll really use, but it's just that I don't KNOW that I'll really like it or use it until after I get it, and it's not like you get a free sample of the planner, ya know?

But in my planner adventures, I have come across some pretty cool free planners, and I thought I would share them with you! I admit - I'm not very motivated to print it all out myself and take it to have it bound - I'd rather just pay to have something that's already finished. But - sometimes, I do like to print out a few pages that work for a specific task. And just in case you're motivated, and don't mind printing out all of the pages yourself, taking them to Staples (or some place similar) and having them bound with a coil, you can get a nice planner for very little money.

Free planner from Handmade Home blog

1) My very favorite of the free planners is one from Handmade Home (which is also a majorly cool blog). I love the design, the colors, everything! And there are even menu planners, to-do pages, homeschooling lesson planning pages, etc. I will probably end up using some of these pages as a supplement to whatever planner I end up getting...

Free planner from Life with My Littles

2) Chelsea at Life with My Littles has a fun planner on her blog. I like the fun pastel designs that are different on each page, and I also like the fun font! You can download them for free on her blog, but if you want something different, she also has an Etsy shop and will make changes for $3 per page. I like that her monthly stats page has columns for "beginning", "end", and "increase". She also offers a blank monthly calendar page that she calls "Posting Schedule", marked with the days of the week at the top. Personally, I think this is brilliant! You could tuck this in your binder/planner and no longer have any need to mark up your "other" calendar with blog post stuff! And - there's a sheet to track top all-time post and their pageviews. Fun!!

Free planner from World Label

3) World Label has a blog, and they have free printables that you can use with their labels (duh). But they also have what they call "the Harmonized House project", and it's awesome. There are several installments, but I'm talking about the bloggers organizational printables. Wow. The designs were done by Erin J. Rippy of Ink Tree Press, and they are soooo cute! Again, bright colors and polka dots - clean, organized design. The great thing about these sheets is that you can type your info on them and them and then print them out! There are 15 different sheets.

Free planner from Sweet C's Designs

4) I also love this colorful planner over at Sweet C's Designs. I love the fun colors, and these pages have nice BIG spaces for writing. No need to write small in order to squeeze everything into the space - there's plenty of room! She offers several options for downloads - a blog planner, calendars, cashflow statements, daily to-do lists, weekly to-do lists, and invoices.

Free planner from 7 On A Shoestring

5) Over at 7 On A Shoestring, Staci has created yet another cute planner. This one is in one of my favorite color combos - navy, pink, and grey. And it has dots. And a holiday observances sheet full of dates like National Bacon Day and National Chocolate Chip Day! There is no actual "calendar" with this planner, but the other sheets are nice.

Free planner from Confessions of a Homeschooler

6) If you're just looking for a basic blog planner, I really like the look of the one over at Confessions of a Homeschooler. Bright colors, cute little motif, and nicely organized!

Free planner from Infarrantly Creative

7) And lastly, the most basic planner of all, from Infarrantly Creative. Just two pages - there's a blank calendar for one side and on the other is a sheet that looks like it has post-it notes on it for post ideas, weekly stats, ideas, and a to-do list. It's basic, but it's well put-together, and I could see it working if you just wanted "simple". You also get a choice of several background colors!

And there you have it - some really great FREE planners! I'm definitely going to be incorporating some of these pages into whatever planner I end up deciding on. (I have my eye on one on Etsy and the Erin Condren one - but I'm waiting for the 18 month version!)

What do you look for in your "perfect" planner?

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