The Adventures of Gus and happens, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey there - what's up? Yes, I'm still here. Hobbling around on one leg. Or crutches. Or my knee scooter. Which is spiffy and I'm glad to have it, but it is much more difficult to use than I had imagined. (I know all of the pictures in this post are a bit grainy, but they were taken with my phone.)

The Adventures of Gus and Kim ankle surgery scooter

I had a big list of things I was going to get done while I was recuperating from my ankle surgery. Most of it involved working on the computer, which I thought it would be easy. I didn't think about the fact that I wouldn't be able to sit at my desk. Or that it's really uncomfortable to lay on the couch with my computer on my lap if I'm actually trying to get some work done. This is how I dress most days because let's face it - I'm not going anywhere. Go 'Cats!

The Adventures of Gus and Kim ankle surgery pajamas

So I usually end up at the kitchen table, with my big ol' boot propped up on the scooter, or the table support, or the chair rung - and that only lasts for about an hour. So, no, I'm not getting much done. And I can only watch so much television. And I'm stuck on the first floor of the house. Which is very cluttered because I have to have everything within reach. And I'm cranky. Can you tell??

The Adventures of Gus and Kim ankle surgery scooter walking boot

I'm encouraged by the fact that I'm halfway there. Only three more weeks before I should be allowed to at least be partial weight-bearing. Unfortunately, I have had a minor setback, and had to see the surgeon this morning because my incision has opened up just a bit. He doesn't seem to think it will cause any problems, so I have my hopes set on walking (in the boot) in 15 days, 20 hours!!

What amazes me is how quickly you lose your muscle tone. Before surgery, I had nicely rounded calf muscles. After just 12 days in a cast, my left calf muscle was so atrophied that it was like jelly. I am really not kidding. It was like it belonged to a 100 year old lady who sits in a wheelchair all day. If you touched the skin, it would just swing back and forth. TMI? Sorry. It is soooo true that if you don't use it, you lose it. And quickly. I can't imagine what that whole leg will look like at the end of 6 weeks of non-use. And the right leg will be huge from being used more than usual. Sigh. Cranky. I warned you.

I did get to go out last week. Way back before my surgery, Gus bought tickets to see Tony Bennett as my birthday present. So we drove to Indiana to the Belterra Resort & Casino to see him perform.

The Adventures of Gus and Kim Tony Bennett concert

I gotta tell you - for an 88 year old guy, he's incredible! He sang 23 songs and was amazing. The seats were uncomfortable (what's up with that - because tickets weren't cheap?), but the drinks were inexpensive and we were right next to both the bar and the handicap ramp, so I guess I shouldn't complain. And at least I got out of the house! And here we are (the lights were really bright in here, so it was difficult to take a good picture - plus I think the girl who took it may have had a few too many drinks, LOL!):

The Adventures of Gus and Kim Tony Bennett concert

And yesterday I got to go to the grocery store! And I got to sit in the car while Gus ran some errands. Of course, I was totally exhausted by the time I got home, but at least I got out. Getting ready to go out is quite the experience, too. It takes about twice as long as it used to, so I have to start 3 hours in advance. Fixing my hair is an acrobatic challenge. What used to be a simple task of turning around to look at the back of my hair in the mirror after straightening each back section now involves carefully turning, then balancing my left knee on the scooter, slightly leaning back against the countertop so I don't fall off the scooter, and finding a balance so that I can use one hand to hold the mirror and the other to smooth my hair. Then I have to carefully reverse the process to turn around and face the large mirror again. And I get to do this, oh, about 7-8 times until the back of  my hair is styled. It's quite exhausting. Did I mention that I'm cranky?

Lulu insists that Thanksgiving dinner must be homecooked and not eaten in a restaurant this year. And since I can't maneuver well in the kitchen, I will be taking on the role of executive chef - overseeing the menu and making sure that all of the dishes are prepared properly and end up on the table at the same time, while Lulu will be my sous chef - preparing all of the dishes. Should be fun interesting a day we'll never forget.

The Adventures of Gus and Kim Happy Thanksgiving
(you can see how I made this cute turkey here, and the polka-dot tablecloth here)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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