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Warning! Announcement! Upcoming posts may be of a personal nature!

You guys know I don't usually get too personal here on the blog. It's not that I don't want to - it's just that I really like doing crafts, DIY stuff, product reviews, fashion, makeup, and all that fun stuff, so I tend to focus on that.

But as some of you know, I'm having a few health issues - one of which is most likely going to end with surgery on my ankle (I should find out later this week). And if I have surgery, that will be followed by 4-6 weeks of non-weight-bearing on that foot. Laying around, doing nothing - it sounds great - until you're forced to do it for 4-6 weeks. I'm guessing it would be pretty difficult to work in the craft room or DIY-it in the garage if I can't stand without crutches. Heck, I won't even be able to get to either of those places because it would involve going up or down stairs.

But I've got it all planned out...

I'll lay on the couch with my cast all propped up on a million pillows, my Starbucks tea within reach, Doctor Who or Orange is the New Black playing non-stop on Netflix - and I'll have my laptop to work on blog posts and stay in touch on social media! I also have a huge stack of magazines that I need to read. Some are from 2 years ago. Sad, I know. I'm also going to work on a bunch of pictures I took in cemeteries - I need to edit them, then add them to pages on findagrave.com. I love doing it, but it's time-consuming, so this will be the perfect time to catch up on it.

So anyway - I'm probably going to get personal on the blog!!

I've got some great vacation stuff I haven't shared yet, and I'm sure you can't wait to hear all about my experience being diagnosed with insulin resistance (not something a dessert-lover wants to hear). I might even slip in a post about Comic Con for the Whovians out there!

I'll try to keep it fun - so please stick with me until I'm up and around again! I think I'll have a scheduled sponsored crafty post or two because those will be done ahead of time, but the rest will be random fun things! And of course, you'll still see me around on Facebook and Instagram - and the #SoMe2 parties on Tuesdays!

Don't forget to stop by and say hi!

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