Sunless Tanning Tips series: Part 3 - Tools

Welcome to Part 3 of my Sunless Tanning Tips series!

Sunless Tanning Tips Series: Part 3 - Tools - tips on choosing the right sunless tanning tools to give you a perfect sunless tan! Third part in a series of sunless tanning tips where you can "Learn how to Self-Tan Like A Pro"!

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We've discussed sun safety and choosing a sunless tanning product, and now I'm going to tell you about some sunless tanning tools that can make your tanning experience easier and your results better.

Most of these items are easily found in local stores and are inexpensive. If you can't find them in your local stores, you can find them on Amazon.

Must haves:

1. latex or vinyl gloves - wearing gloves prevents the sunless tanner (ST) from getting on your palms. Palms absorb the ST quickly and stain easily if the product is tinted. But unfortunately, they don't "unstain" easily. It's best to just avoid getting a lot of ST on your palms. If you're allergic to latex, buy vinyl. I personally prefer vinyl because they don't fit as tightly, and I can easily rinse and reuse them several times. Some people even use dishwashing gloves. I find them too bulky, but whatever works is good!

2. cotton swabs - you're going to use these to remove the ST from small areas. For instance, there will almost always be areas on your body that will tan darker than others. This especially happens when there is a lot of sun damage and/or as you age. You probably won't even notice the areas until the ST develops. Once you know where they are, you can dampen a cotton swab, and gently rub it over those areas to remove some (or all) of the ST - just from that specific area. I have one spot on my face that requires this to be done. I also have several tattoos, some of which are light-colored. ST tends to make them look "dirty", so I use a cotton swab to remove the ST from my tattoos. You can also use the cotton swabs to remove ST from your cuticles (I use a washcloth or makeup remover wipe, but that can take a little practice.)

3. a dark/old wash cloth - you're going to use this washcloth to remove some of the ST, so you want to use either a dark one or an old one - because it will most likely become permanently stained. As I mentioned above, there will be areas on your body that will absorb more ST and therefore end up being darker in color. Some areas get darker on everyone - it's just the nature of the skin in those areas. They are: elbows, knees, ankles, and heels. For some, there will be spots like toe joints, knuckles, wrists, etc. You'll learn where your problem areas are as you tan more. For me, it's my knees, elbows, and a few spots on my feet. After I've applied the ST, I use a damp washcloth to gently wipe the areas that I know darken too much. They often look whiter than the rest of me after I've done this, but trust me - they always end up being the right color.

4. a good lotion - this is a tricky one. Some lotions don't "mix" well with ST. There are just some ingredients that can make your tan turn an odd color, make it splotchy, make it rub off, or just simply aren't moisturizing enough. I do know that Curel is one of the lotions you want to avoid. My favorite lotion is Hempz Original Moisturizer - I love the scent, it's thick and moisturizing, absorbs well, and doesn't leave my skin greasy. Some others that I've used with success: Bath & Body Works and Jergens Original Lotion. Some people like the Suave lotions and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion. You're going to use this lotion for your hands and feet when applying ST, and also to moisturize daily during maintenance.

5. non-moisturizing shower gel - you need this for the days you plan to tan. Moisturizing shower gels and bar soap both leave a film on the skin that can prevent the ST from developing properly. It might not develop at all, it might be lighter than usual, or it might be a funky color. Save the moisturizing shower gel for your non-tanning days. I like Sephora's shower gels (no longer available). I've also had good luck with the clear shower gels at Bath & Body Works (avoid the creamy ones) and Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gel.

6. exfoliating gloves - you can find these in the bath & beauty department of Walmart, Target, or similar stores. These make it easy to maintain your tan by providing light exfoliation

7. microfiber car wax pad - you only need this if you plan to use airbrush solution (ABS). You can find these in the automotive department of places like Walmart. If you can find one that has either a strap or a pocket for your hand, it makes it much easier to use.

8. spray bottle - you only need this if you plan to use airbrush solution (ABS). I prefer a fine mist spray bottle (like the kind that pump hairspray is in - and you can reuse a hairspray bottle if you can't find anything else), but some people prefer a trigger spray bottle . It's just a matter of preference.

Nice to have:

1.  makeup remover wipes or damp paper towel - these can be quite handy for removing ST or ABS from nails, cuticles, and palms.

2.  long-handle back brush - this is really handy if you don't have someone to help tan your back. If Gus isn't here to tan my back, I just slip my microfiber car pad over the head of the brush, apply ABS, and then use it to tan my own back. If you're using lotion, gel, mousse, etc., you can place a latex/vinyl glove over the brush head (fasten it on with a hair tie or rubberband), and apply the ST that way. The glove glides easily over your skin.

 You might need:

1.  baking soda - this will provide a little more exfoliation "power". Some people find they need more than the exfoliating gloves, and some products are more difficult to remove than others.

2.  Irish Spring (original) or Lava bar soap - these bar soaps can also help remove a sunless tan. But if you plan to reapply ST after removing your current tan, you will need to wash your skin with a non-moisturizing shower gel to remove the residue from the bar soap.

3.  baby oil - some people find that soaking in bathwater with baby oil helps loosen their sunless tan, making it easier to remove.

So make a run to Target or Walmart, or fill your Amazon shopping cart - and you'll be ready to start self-tanning! Next up in the series: Sunless Tanning series: Part 4 - Application!

Sunless Tanning Tips Series: Part 3 - Tools - tips on choosing the right sunless tanning tools to give you a perfect sunless tan! Third part in a series of sunless tanning tips where you can "Learn how to Self-Tan Like A Pro"!

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