Product Review: Leonisa Lingerie - Slimming Tank & Tummy Control Panty

It's almost summer, and that means most ladies I know (myself included) will be wearing more body-conscious clothing. I don't know about you, but when I wear clothes that are more body-conscious, I like to put a lightweight foundation garment underneath to smooth things out a bit. I've carried two children, had two C-sections, and as I get older, things tend to be a bit more jiggly!

When I was offered the opportunity to try a couple of foundation garments from Leonisa, I couldn't say "yes" fast enough! Of course I'd love to give them a workout! So I picked the Tummy Control Panty and the Slimming Tank.

Product Review: Leonisa Slimming Tank & Tummy Control Panty #lingerie #undergarments #slimmingundergarments #slimmingtank #controltoppanty

Here's a little info about the tank from the Leonisa site:

Product Review: Leonisa Slimming Tank & Tummy Control Panty #lingerie #undergarments #slimmingundergarments #slimmingtank #controltoppanty
(photo courtesy of Leonisa)

Slimming Tank
Price: $40
Sizes: S-XXL
Colors: black, white, nude, print

The online description of the Slimming Tank states:
  • New slimming shirt
  • Cozy, supportive control of entire tummy, waist and back
  • Maintains natural shape of bust - free of control to avoid flattening
  • Shapes your mid-section with double layered power: DuraBlend™ + PowerSlim™
  • No annoying roll up
  • Slims while supporting back for good posture
  • Multiway shirt - wear it forwards or backwards (V-neck or round neck)
  • Wear it as an undergarment or outerwear
  • Fabric Content: 78% Polyamide, 22% Elastane

My Slimming Tank was a size XXL in black. Now if you know me or have seen pictures of me, you probably know or can tell that I don't wear an XXL. Right now, I wear a size 10 or a medium top, a 34-36 D-DD bra, and my chest measures 38 inches. I usually find that slimming tanks either don't fit my chest at all or they uncomfortably smash it down. This one fits better than most. I did find that it was a little snug, but not uncomfortably so. Wearing the tank with the "V" in front worked better than the "round neck".

I did have a little problem with the tank migrating upward. Only the middle section of the tank provides "control", the top and bottom are just made of stretchy fabric. The tank didn't roll - it just sort of worked it's way up so that my lower abdomen was no longer covered by the "power panel". I am "short-waisted", so this may not be an issue for someone who has a longer torso. I did find that it comfortably smoothed everything. This garment provides what Leonisa calls "smooth control", which is "mild control to contour your body comfortably", and that's exactly what it does. It didn't make me smaller, but it made me "firmer" and more smooth.

It says that it can be worn as an undergarment or outerwear, but I don't think I will wear it as outerwear. Because of the different fabrics, there are seams under the breasts and at the hips - and it's obvious that those fabrics are different. So while I think it's great for a shaping undergarment, it's just not something I would wear by itself.

Also note: this garment is sized by waist and hip measurements. I've lost 11 pounds and 32 inches since ordering mine, which actually would place me in a size smaller - but the XXL still fits and is fairly snug. I think a size smaller would be too tight. It seems there is a good amount of leeway in sizing, so if you're "between" sizes, you could probably go up or down, depending on whether you like a tighter or looser fit.

Now, here's a little info about the panty, from the Leonisa site:

Product Review: Leonisa Slimming Tank & Tummy Control Panty #lingerie #undergarments #slimmingundergarments #slimmingtank #controltoppanty
(photo courtesy of Leonisa)

Tummy Control Panty
Price: $18
Sizes: M-XL
Colors: white, nude

The online description of the Tummy Control Panty states:
  • Tummy control panty
  • Front tummy panel in PowerSlim™
  • Full rear coverage
  • Soft, stretch DuraBlend™
  • Waist and leg bands are joined through thermofusion for comfort and no panty line
  • Special seam down center of rear to shape
  • 100% cotton gusset
  • Fabric Content: 78% Polyamide, 22% Elastane

The back of this panty is very soft, silky, and stretches to fit. There's really no VPL (visible panty line) unless you're wearing something thin and super tight. The front panel is a fairly firm "power" panel that is very comfortable. It definitely smoothed out my lower stomach.

They offer two sizing options for this item. One is to measure your hips and the other is to go by your pants size. I opted to measure my hips. On their chart, they have the hip measurement and pant size charts together. My hip measurement put me in a size L, but my pants size put me in a size XXL, so I went with my hip measurement. I think if I had ordered according to the pants size chart, the panty would have been way too big. Again, I've lost weight since I first got mine, which puts me in a size smaller (a medium, according to hip measurement) now - but the size large still fits well.

Washing for both of these items is super, super easy! I handwashed mine in the sink, rinsed, and hung them up on a hanger to dry. They were both dry within 12 hours, and I'm pretty sure the panty was dry in much less time than that. No wrinkles, and after several washings, they still look like new.

Leonisa also offers free shipping and free returns, which is fabulous! The quality of these two products is undeniable. As far as I can tell, size charts are the only thing that may cause a problem, but with free shipping & returns, you won't have to pay to try a different size.

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