Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape

Today, I've got a fun, easy-to-make, Thanksgiving craft to share with you! Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft has always been one of my favorite places to shop for sewing and craft supplies, so I love working with them! The theme for this project was #turkeytablescapes - and I knew right away what I was going to create!

Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

About 15 years ago (maybe more), I found a pattern for a cute little turkey made out of felt. I made so many of them! I gave them as gifts, and everyone loved them. Would you believe I still had 4 left? I wanted to give credit where credit was due, so I searched and searched until I actually found the original pattern online! It came from a magazine call Crafts, and you can find the free pattern here.

To make this little turkey, you'll need just a few supplies - all easily found at your local Jo-Ann store.
  • felt squares, 1 each of brown, dark green, & orange; 2 each of maroon & antique gold
  • brown embroidery floss
  • tiny black beads for eyes (or you can embroider them on with black embroidery floss, or glue black felt ones on)
  • 10 buttons (approx. 1/2")
  • scrap of fall fabric
  • polyfill
  • hot glue gun or craft glue
  • needle, scissors, tracing pencil

Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

After you trace all of the pattern pieces onto the felt and cut them out, you're going to start sewing them together with a blanket stitch. Don't panic! It's very easy!! If you're sewing eyes on the body, you'll want to do that prior to stitching the two body pieces together - if you're gluing, you can do after the turkey is assembled.

Instructions for Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

For the maroon and gold "feather" sections and the body, you're going to lightly stuff with polyfill before closing up the final stitches. I also put just a tiny bit in the wings, but that's optional.

Once you have all of the pieces stuffed and stitched, you can assemble! I used hot glue to put the body pieces together.

Make your own Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

Now for the embellishments! I used a little thin jute to tie bows on all of the buttons, then hot glued 7 of the buttons to the maroon "feathers", and 3 down the front of the brown body. I also hot glued the beak & waddle to the face of the body. With the scrap of fall fabric, I made a bow, and glued it so that it looked like it was tied around the neck of the brown body.

And that's it! Isn't it adorable!!!

Craft project Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

To make the tablescape, I used two turkeys, a candle in a large metal candleholder, and a couple of fall floral picks from Jo-Ann. I placed everything on one of my plate chargers (so I could easily move it) - candle in the center, floral picks arranged around that, and then a turkey on opposite sides so everyone seated at the table could see a turkey!

Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

I also cut a large circle of burlap to cover the marble circle in the middle of the table. For the silverware, I folded my napkins to make holders, then wrapped a piece of burlap ribbon around it.

Thanksgiving Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

Simple, inexpensive, but oh-so-cute!!

Easy-to-Make Turkey Tablescape | enjoytheviewblog..com | #ad #diy #crafts #tutorial #turkeytablescapes

To get you started on your own Thanksgiving crafts, Jo-Ann has a great site full of ideas - and they've provided a coupon for 50% off any one regular-priced item!

(coupon no longer available)

What will you be crafting for the holidays?

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