Where in the world are Kim and Gus? and my favorite...posts!

Gus and I are vacationing this week! Unfortunately, that means only a couple of new blog posts this week - but - you can keep up with us by checking out {enjoy the view} on Instagram! I'm posting pictures tagged with #vacation and #atthebeach.

To tide you over until we get back, here are a few of my favorite posts:

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the first week of Social Media 2-for-Tuesday (also known as ~ So Me 2 ~)!! My co-hosts (DeDe from Designed Decor and Sara from Major Hoff Takes a Wife) and I will be linking up two social media platforms each week so we can all get more followers and make new friends! (Spoiler: this week it's Bloglovin' and Facebook!) We will also be having a Rafflecopter giveaway each week where you can enter to "win" a spot as our featured blogger!

See y'all tomorrow!!!

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