Affordable Fall Fashion with Meijer

Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal.
                                           - Yves Saint Laurent

Fall is quickly approaching - my favorite time of year to shop for clothing and accessories. Why? Because it's easy to layer with shirts, sweaters, and jackets, and layering hides a multitude of things (especially not-so-flat stomachs!). And I love boots and booties! But while it's no secret that I love shoes, jewelry, handbags, and clothes, with Lulu in pharmacy school, my budget can't always accommodate my taste.

Affordable Fall Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

I have to find ways to feed my addiction without spending a fortune. One place that I like to shop that has affordable prices is Meijer. So when I had the opportunity to work with them to show you how you be stylish and save money, I said yes!

I was given $50 to spend on any clothing or accessories to help me put together a fall look. Let's face it - $50 doesn't go far these days. You're lucky to be able to buy one shirt or a pair of jeans for that price. But at Meijer, I was able to buy 2 long-sleeved shirts, 2 long-sleeved t-shirts, and a bracelet for $50!

Before I show you what I bought, let's talk about the Yves Saint Laurent quote at the top of this post. "Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal." What does that mean? One thing I've learned over the years - not every trend works for every woman. For instance, I like leopard print, but instead of wearing it as a shirt or dress, I add it to my outfits in my shoes or bag. Boot leg or flare jeans may be all the rage, but they distort my body type/shape so that my legs look even shorter and wider - so I don't wear those types of jeans. So you don't have to take a trend literally or even follow a trend at all. So to me, that quotes means that fashion is what is out there on the racks, style is what you choose to do with it. Always go with what works for you - your budget, your body type, your lifestyle.

So here's what I got at Meijer, and how I styled it!

I found a great plaid flannel shirt with beautiful plum accents for $16. It has roll-up sleeves with tabs, so the sleeves can be worn up or down, the shirt buttoned or unbuttoned, tucked in or left out. I layered it with a black long-sleeved t-shirt that I picked up 2/$7.98 (I also got a red one) with mPerks. So the t-shirt and flannel shirt can be worn together or separately for 3 different looks! I also purchased a black and silver studded bracelet for around $10 (it was 50% off).

Affordable Fall Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

I paired the flannel shirt and t-shirt with jeans, black chunky-heeled shooties, a layered necklace, the Meijer bracelet, earrings, leather jacket, and a plum handbag.

Budget Fall Fashions with Meijer #MeijerStyle
Fall Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle
Budget-conscious Fall Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

Another Meijer purchase (as I mentioned above) was a long-sleeved red t-shirt. I love this type of shirt because you can do so many different things with it. Dress it up with colored jeans and a blazer, wear it under a sweater or jacket, tuck it in, leave it out - you get the idea!

Budget-conscious Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

I opted to pair it with jeans, a zip-front sweater (I swapped sweaters at the last minute), tread-sole pointed-toe boots, necklace, bracelets, earrings, and a two-toned brown suede handbag. This is what I would throw on to go to the store. It's comfortable, but it looks nice.

Trendy Fall Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle
Trendy Affordable Fall Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

And the last item I purchased was the Ultra Flirt chiffon top in cobalt blue for $16. The silky fabric is figure flattering, and cobalt is one of the hot colors for fall (as well being University of Kentucky blue - go 'Cats!!). This one can be worn with jeans, dressier pants, or even a skirt - by itself, with a cami under it, or a sweater or jacket over it - belt it, tuck it in, or wear it loose. And the sleeves are cuffed, but rolled with tabs, so they can be worn rolled up or as long-sleeves. Another great versatile piece!

Trendy Affordable Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

I paired it with a pair of black skinny pants, leopard flats, a silver spike statement necklace, the studded black and silver bracelet from Meijer, earrings, a black crossbody bag, and a black leather jacket.

Affordable Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle
Fall Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle
Affordable Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

So for under $50, I've added trendy items that work for me (and my body type) to my fall wardrobe. They can be mixed and matched a number of ways - and chances are, they're items that are going to stay in-style for awhile.

You can check out for more fall fashion ideas. Here are some really cute affordable items I saw at my local Meijer:

Affordable Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

Meijer also has a  "Fall Looks" board on Pinterest. I saw these beautiful denim shirts in the store and was so tempted to get one!

Affordable Fashion with Meijer #MeijerStyle

And don't miss Meijer's Pinterest contest! Pinners have a chance to win one of five $100 gift cards. Simply fill out the entry form here, and then pin five items or outfits from the Meijer Fall Fashion board onto any one of your boards. Winners will be chosen the first week of October. You can find more info about the contest on the Meijer Style page.

Lastly - I mentioned mPerks above. If you don't know what mPerks is, it's digital coupons for Meijer. I'm not sure if the "m" stands for "Meijer" or "mobile" - maybe both! You sign up for mPerks online, linking the account to your mobile phone, and then downloading the free app. When you sign into the app, you have the option of clipping individual coupons or clipping them all, and the app saves them to your account. I told you that I was able to get two long-sleeved v-neck tees, which are usually priced at $7.98 each, for "buy one get one free". This was a mPerks deal. I just signed into my mPerks account at checkout (at the card reader) and it automatically deducted the price of one shirt! I often get text messages for extra percentages off purchases as well.

So add a stop at Meijer onto your list of things to do, and check out their great prices on fall fashion!

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