D-I-Y Makeup Remover Pads

If you wear makeup, then chances are you also use some sort of product to remove that makeup. Awhile back, I shared my recipe for DIY Makeup Remover Wipes, which are made using Kleenex Hand Towels. Lulu loves those! I like them, but I really wanted something a little different.

That's when I came up with my Makeup Remover Pads!

DIY Makeup Remover Pads | www.enjoytheviewblog.com

I usually wear a BB cream on my skin, which is fairly easy to remove. What needs more "cleaning power" is my eyemakeup. So I figured why not just create a makeup remover pad to loosen all my makeup since I always follow with cleanser anyway?!

Here's how I did it:

How to Make Makeup Remover Pads | {enjoy the view}

What I used:
  • glass jelly jar (Hobby Lobby at 50% off)
  • exfoliating pads (from Kroger - one side is soft cotton & the other has little "beads" on it to exfoliate)
  • 1/3 c. Sunflower Oil (you could use any carrier oil that is liquid at room temp)
  • 1 c. distilled water (or you could boil your tap water)
  • 2 tsp. Polysorbate 80 (emulsifier to mix oil & water)
  • 2cc Liquid Germall Plus Preservative

You just mix the oil and water together, add the emulsifier, mix some more, then add the preservative. Solution will be slightly cloudy.

Make Your Own Makeup Remover Pads | {enjoy the view}

Pour a little solution in the jar, then add 4-5 pads. Press down slightly on the pads to make sure they soak up the solution. Repeat until jar is full.

How to Make Your Own Makeup Remover Pads | {enjoy the view}
Makeup Remover Pads | {enjoy the view}

I seriously love these! I have two sides from which to choose, each with a different texture - one for my eyes and one for my face. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if I had a Silhouette or Cricut to make labels for my jars!

How to Make Your Own Makeup Remover Pads | {enjoy the view}

I had all of the ingredients here since I make cleansers, etc. for I Feel Pretty, but I realize it might be a pain for some of you to purchase the emulsifier and preservative. I doubt that you'll find these things locally - you'll probably need to purchase them online. I included my Amazon affiliate links above for some of the supplies, but you could also Google them and maybe get them all from the same company to save on shipping.

What are you using now to remove your makeup? Give these a try, then be sure to let me know what you think!

(Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in the "what I used" section. Any purchases made via those links help me to keep {enjoy the view} up and running - and they also help fund my crafty projects!)

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