25 years ago today...

Twenty-five years ago today was my wedding day. The wedding cake wasn't right. The rental car wasn't right. But the guy was...

1988 - our wedding

He had more hair - I had less. We both were a bit "smaller". He was still in college - I was working as a nurse. A lot of things have changed since then, but one thing is still the same. I love this guy more than anything.

2003 - tailgating at Jimmy Buffett

He makes me laugh. He spoils me like crazy. He always leaves two or three pairs of shoes scattered all over the living room. And he squeezes the toothpaste in the middle. But isn't that what life and love is all about? Being able to laugh at the things that annoy you because it's just part of the person you love?

2004 - Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West

We've been through a lot together. The birth of our children, the loss of our grandparents and my dad, losing our family pets, moving to a new home, and just recently, sending our baby girl off to live in another city.

2005 - Anna Maria Island, FL

A couple of years ago, I had surgery on my back. Actually, I had two surgeries the same year. But the second one didn't go quite as well as the first. The surgeon had a lot of trouble placing the rods and screws, and nicked my aorta. So instead of waking up in recovery and going home the next day as expected, I woke up a full 24 hours later in Neurosurgical ICU - on a ventilator. After five rough days, I went home - and I couldn't do anything for myself except go to the bathroom. The surgery was in my thoracic area (upper mid-back), and they had cut the muscles away from my spine and reattached them to rods - so I couldn't lift anything. Heck, I could barely move. Gus had to make my food, bathe me, do all the laundry, take care of the house, feed the pets, all while doing his regular job. And this wasn't just for a few days - this was for weeks - months. I honestly do not know what I would have done without this man. He never once complained.

2007 - at home (our 19th anniversary)

To me, that's love. It's not the fun times, or the gifts - although those things are great. It's being there for the person you love when they need you most. Doing things that you never thought you'd have to do - and never once complaining - just because you're so happy that they're still alive and with you.

2008 - Destin, FL (our 20th anniversary)

 2010 - Destin, FL

Happy Anniversary, honey - I'm so happy you're mine!

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