Summer flowers - what a difference a month makes!

Gus and I were talking about how much all of our flowers have grown over the past month, and since they were featured in posts here at {enjoy the view}, I thought I would do an update for you.

There was the "How to...Make A Container Garden" post, where Gus and I made container gardens to flank the front door. Look how much it's grown!

And then there was the "All Gus'ed Up: How To Stack Flower Pots" post, where we showed you how to safely stack flower pots to make a flower tower. These guys were TINY when we planted them, and now the top pot is completely covered!

The small coordinating pot that I had found at Michael's (but didn't buy because there wasn't a drainage hole) finally hit clearance, so I picked it up for under $2. I just have to get Gus to drill a hole in it without breaking the pot, then next year, I'll stack 3 pots! Although, looking at the Day 30 picture, I wonder why I wanted them to be coordinated since you can't even see the top pot, LOL!

 These are some purple lisianthus that we bought to plant around the lamp post. They remind me of poppies or anemones! Love them!

How are your flowers looking?

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