All Gus'ed Up: Easy DIY Gate

My handsome and ever-so-handy husband, Gus, is guest posting today! He's going to be telling you about a little "side" project he did while working on our deck makeover. Enjoy!

easy DIY gate

Hey, everyone - Gus here!

We have a pretty good-sized elevated deck that overlooks our fenced-in backyard. When weather is nice, we like to sit outside and eat dinner or just relax. Our dog, Riley, (who is a miniature Australian Shepherd) also loves being out on the deck.  However, he is mean very territorial and will run down off the deck to furiously chase and bark at anything that comes close to our fence line (other dogs, kids, birds, lawnmowers, etc.)  As you can imagine, it is a bit difficult to relax when Riley is acting a fool barking his head off.

Solution! – a quick do-it-yourself deck gate!

I made the gate entirely from some leftover 2x2 balusters from my deck restoration project (upcoming on the blog as soon as I finish staining it).

DIY gate

I measured the opening at the top of the deck steps and fashioned the frame to fit in there - two balusters horizontal and two vertical, attached to each other using wood screws. For spacing and reinforcement reasons, I then added an extra vertical one at one end. Next, I evenly spaced the balusters inside the frame (I used 5). Our local building code requires that you have no more than 4 inches space between balusters, so be sure to check your local code. Again, everything was fastened together with wood screws.

Then I stained the gate to match the new stain on the deck.

how to make a gate

Next, I attached a small handle (to open the gate) on one side, and a couple of spring hinges (after repainting them oil-rubbed bronze as instructed by my lovely wife) on the other side (which was also attached to the deck), so the gate will close by itself after it is opened. I used a level on top of the gate to make sure it was straight.

how to make a deck gate
diy deck gate
make your own gate

Now, when other dogs (or people) are out near the fence, Riley can be on the deck with us and we don’t have to worry about him running into the yard and barking. Problem solved!

make a gate

It's me now! Didn't he do a great job? Would you believe that he is completely self-taught? My grandfather taught him a few little things many years ago, but the majority of what Gus knows he has learned by trial and error.

make a safety gate

Check out these before and after pictures - ignore the part of the deck that isn't stained yet, we're still working on it!! I promise to get the entire deck makeover on the blog before fall!

make your own gate
easy diy gate for your deck
easy gate for your deck

Gus swears the gate was really simple to make - and if he can do it, so can you!

We've lived here 6 years, and I've talked about getting a deck gate for 5.5 of those years. What little projects do you need to do that you keep putting off? 

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