Living Room Re-Do! Part 1: New Couches

Don't you love getting new furniture? For me, it's especially exciting because it doesn't happen that often. We recently went to Morris Furniture during their big sale, and bought two new couches for the living room. Sounds easy, right? You move the old ones out and the new ones in. Maybe that's how it works for other people - but not for us.

{enjoy the view} | Living room redecorate

In our living room, we had a couch and a loveseat. Trust me, they had seen better days. After eight years, a dog, and three cats (one with claws), we needed new furniture.

{enjoy the view} | Living room before
{enjoy the view} | Living room after

Buddy also had a couch in the basement, and Lulu had a sleeper sofa in her TV room upstairs. So the plan was to move the sleeper sofa to the garage until we could get rid of it - move Buddy's couch upstairs for Lulu - move the living room couch to the basement for Buddy - and get rid of the loveseat. So Bart and Gus moved the sleeper sofa to the garage - Step 1 complete. (That couch is probably 30 years old - it belonged to Gus' grandma!) U-G-L-Y.

{enjoy the view} | sleeper sofa

Next they moved Buddy's couch to the second floor. Well, it's on the second floor, but it's not in the TV room. It's sitting in the hallway. Because it won't fit through the doorway. Okay, okay. Maybe the loveseat will fit upstairs? Gus measured this time - nope, it won't fit. Sigh. Step 2 incomplete.

{enjoy the view} | couch stuck in hallway

Living room couch to basement - Step 3 complete. Loveseat to garage - Step 4 complete. But I still have a couch stuck in my upstairs hallway.

The next day, the delivery guys brought the new couches and had them off the truck, in the house, and set up in less than 15 minutes. Hmmm - hey guys - I have a couch upstairs...

{enjoy the view} | new couches

Let me tell you - we got one heckuva deal! These couches were originally $1100 each - and we paid just a little over that for both of them! They. Are. Huge. Seriously. It measures 24" from the floor to the top of the seat cushions. And the seats are 33" deep! All of the cushions are reversible - and zippered. Just like I wanted! They also came with four throw pillows each - two larger, European-style, and two 17" ones - all which are zippered! Yay!!! And right now, Morris is offering 5 years/no interest financing or $200 off - so if you need new furniture, check them out!

{enjoy the view} | new couch
{enjoy the view} | tan living room couches

Someone else seems to be in love with the new couches, too...

{enjoy the view} | cat on couch

Of course, the living room re-do has just started. We still need an area rug (too much tan - we need color!), and a bigger entertainment center - or - we can skip the entertainment center, rearrange the couches and have the TV mounted over the fireplace...hmmmm...I'll keep you posted!

(Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Morris Home Furnishings. I was not compensated in any way for this post. We purchased the furniture ourselves and my opinions are strictly my own.)

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