Urban Decay Super-Saturated Lip Color review

I'm not going to tell you how many lip products I own. Let's just say that it's somewhere between 10 and 100, and it's much closer to 100. About 85% of those are pink. I love pink!!

When Gus and I were at Ulta the other day (no, he wasn't there willingly), I was checking out the Urban Decay products, and saw the Super-Saturated Lip Colors. Such pretty colors!! The color I bought is called "Lovechild" - soooo pretty!!

I was a little leery of them because they're jumbo pencils. I like pencil liners, but my past experiences with pencil lip products (other than liners) haven't been that great. Call me Goldilocks. One was too soft (it squished when I used it), one was too hard (I had to press too hard get any color) - but this UD one was just right!

It's so easy to apply! It's creamy, but it keeps it's shape. It glides on like the creamiest lipstick, but you can be very precise with the application because of the "point". The color is gorgeous - if you go over your lips once, it has a hint of sheerness; but if you go over your lips 2-3 times (I know that sounds like a lot, but it's not - trust me!), you can build the color to a nice opacity.

It is a little stickier than I like my lip products - but it's not nearly as sticky as MAC. I think my biggest complaint is that I had to reapply a little more often than I feel I should have to for a $19 product. I expect to have to frequently reapply a $6 product, but a $19+ product should last more than a couple of hours. The fact that it's easy to tuck into a pocket or bag makes the reapplication easier to handle - and the cap fits tightly enough that I haven't had any issues with it coming off in my bag.

"Lovechild" is a bright pink with enough warmth that I wouldn't consider it a blue-pink. It's a beautiful color! They describe it as "flushed natural pink".

I also sampled "Naked", which is just like it sounds - a really pretty neutral color that leans toward the warm side. They describe it as "light, pinky nude". On me, it looked more peachy than pink. It was actually my first choice, but it was sold out, so I went with my #2 choice. Now I'm glad I got the pink one!

There are 5 other shades, but they were all way too bright for me:
Adrenaline - bright fuchsia w/ sparkle
Big Bang - bright pink w/ sparkle
Crush - hot pink
F-Bomb - bright red cream
Punch Drunk - bright orange cream

I'm happy with my purchase, but I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll repurchase. If it was priced at around $12, I would definitely buy it again - but the price tag will probably send me looking for something I like just a little better. (Note: I did use my 20% off coupon, so I only paid $15.20.)

I'd like to try the NARS Velvet Gloss pencils - has anyone used those?

(Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Ulta or Urban Decay. I purchased this product myself and my review was unsolicited. I received no compensation of any kind for using or reviewing this product. And as always, my opinions are strictly my own.)


  1. This looks like a very pretty color and I love pink too! Have a great day!


    1. Hi, Kathy - thanks for stopping by! It's a great pink that I think a lot of women could wear!

  2. I love the color! I am obsessed with Clinique's Chubby Stick lip color, so I might have to give UD a try!

    1. Eeeeee! Tell me about the Clinique Chubby Stick - I haven't tried that one! What's your favorite color - and how does it wear?

  3. I haven't tried the UD pencils but I've been using a Nars Velvet Matte pencil for years. The color Bettina is a "my lips but better (mlbb)" shade that is almost perfectly a match for my natural lip color. This pencil stays on a long time but is not drying at all, even though it has a matte finish. I wear it nearly every day. I also use one of the Satin lip pencils in the shade Rikugien (weird name I know), which is a mlbb shade that's a tad bit darker than Bettina. I usually apply Bettina first and then go over it with Rikugien to add a little shine and to deepen the color slightly. I don't wear Rikugien by itself because it doesn't last as long as Bettina and I've found that when I combine the two, I get almost the perfect finish that lasts for hours. I guess I'm one of those people who unconsciously licks their lips so that most lip colors don't last very long. I'm a big fan of Guerlain, Chanel and Nars (the regular lipsticks too) because they all last a relatively long time for me. However, I just purchased a Bobbi Brown lipstick that, so far, has been really long lasting. My testing is still in its infant stages but I'm hoping I'll be able to add another brand to my list of likes. I just can't use super creamy lipsticks. I only like the Mac satin formula, for example, and I already own the two shades in the range that work for me, so there are no new shade surprises there. I'm not even a big fan of these two colors so I wear them rarely. When I want a little more color, I'll go with either Guerlain or Chanel, but sadly, Guerlain has discontinued the Kiss Kiss formula and their new formula is about $54, which is outrageous. It was outrageous when the Kiss Kiss lipsticks were $30 but they lasted like nothing else I've ever tried. Now they're out of my realm of possibility. So my never ending search for long lasting lipsticks goes on. Just thought I'd share.

    1. I feel your pain, Dorothy! Lipsticks don't last very long for me either. I'm not sure if it's because I'm always pressing my lips together to make sure I still have color on them (which is why I prefer a product that has a little slip, so I can tell that it's still there!), or if I unconsciously lick my lips and remove the color. Or maybe it's just that the products don't have staying power. One combo that I've tried lately that does seem to last for several hours - even through meals - is Rimmel East End Snob Exaggerate Lipliner topped with their Moisture Renew Lipstick in Tower of Mauve, and then topped again with the lipliner. It gives it a matte finish, but it's really pretty. I'm assuming you could recreate this with other colors in these same two lines. I also have had good luck with Rimmel's 1000 Kisses lipliner - great staying power! If I can find a lipliner that stays on well, it seems that whatever lipstick I use over it stays on better as long as it's not too creamy. Like you, I prefer satin matte. I love NARS Dolce Vita lipstick but unless I use a good lipliner, I have to reapply constantly. I also like the Tarte Amazonian Butters but they're creamier, so definitely get reapplied more often.


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