My favorite...hand & body lotion!

I am really, really picky about lotions.

I can't stand anything that leaves my hands (or body) feeling like I took a bath in Crisco. But I don't like watery lotions either, because after a couple of minutes, I feel like I need to use more lotion. I also don't like lotions that smell like old lady perfume. I don't want to spend a fortune on lotion, but I'm willing to spend a bit more if it works well.

I've tried a lot of lotions over the years. Bath & Body Works, Ulta, Jergens, Queen Helene, Sephora, Pacifica, Bliss, etc. Some were nice, some just okay, and some really sucked.

When I started getting gel manicures a couple of years ago, the lotion they used for the hand massage was Hempz. I had heard of it, and knew people who liked it, but I had never tried it.

I love it!! It's the perfect lotion.

It's thick and creamy, very moisturizing, yet it absorbs completely - leaving skin soft and smooth, not greasy.

It smells great. There are several different versions & scents, but my favorite is the original - which is banana-scented, of all things! It doesn't really smell like bananas to me, so there must be something else in it as well, but it smells yummy!

It's in a pump bottle. All lotion should be in a pump bottle, IMO. The only issue I have with it is that when you get down to the last inch of lotion, it doesn't want to come out through the pump. So the last bit can be difficult to get out, but you can do it.

Since it's a thicker lotion, you can get away with using less of it - and that makes the higher price tag a little easier to accept. Tip: Check prices - at my salon, it's almost $20, and at Ulta, it's $23, but it's only $11 (with free super-saver shipping) on

I also keep a travel-sized bottle in my purse - and I just refill it from the larger pump bottle. If you don't have a way of sampling the lotion, I recommend getting one of the travel-sized bottles to try.

It's great stuff - let me know if you give it a try!

(Disclaimer: As always, my opinions are strictly my own. I am in no way associated with any company or product mentioned - and I have not received any sort of compensation for my review.)

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