My favorite...romance authors!!

If you know me, or have read my "about me" page, you know that I loves me some romance novels. My particular favorites are ones that involve vampires, werewolves, or other paranormal creatures, but I also enjoy humorous Regency novels.

I like my books like I like my movies - ENTERTAINING. I don't want to be educated. I don't want to read about some moving life experience where someone overcomes extreme odds. I don't want to read a book with a sad ending. Basically, I want something that is not about real life. Amuse me. Entertain me. Make me smile.

I have a Kindle, but I still buy paperbacks. The paperbacks that I buy are books by my favorite authors, usually a series. My Kindle has it's place, but paperbacks just give me an extra little thrill. I bet there are other book lovers out there that know exactly what I'm talking about - right? I do not lend my books. I do not break the spines. They all look just like they did when I bought them. :-)

So I thought I would share some of my favorite authors and their books. (Warning: ALL of these books are adult-only due to violence, language, and/or sexually-explicit scenes. If you are offended by these things, do not read these books!)

(Note: The pictures only show a small fraction of the books I own by these authors! I couldn't even get to the Sherrilyn Kenyon books without moving 40-50 books, so there isn't a picture of those!)

1) Katie MacAlister - Katie writes the best books ever! I love her sense of humor and am always anxiously awaiting the next book. My favorites are the Dark Ones (vampires) and Aisling Grey/Dragons (different paranormal characters). She also has a few contemporary books that are quite amusing. I love how she is so involved with her fans. She often offers freebies, if you just send a self-addressed, stamped envelopes. Just yesterday I received 7 bookmarks, 4 signed bookplates, 2 purse-size post-it notepads, and a couple of temporary tattoos. She totally rocks! My favorite character comes from the Aisling Grey books - "Jim" who is a "demon" (but a good one, which is why he was kicked out) in a Newfoundland's body. I love Newfies! And when he takes human form, he's one sexy dude. I can't wait for his story!!

2) Lynsay Sands - I absolutely love her Argeneau series (vampires). She also writes historical novels, which I'm sure are lovely, but I only read her vampire books. Love the humor and the scrumptious descriptions of the gorgeous Argenau men! You gotta love how Marguerite (the matriarch) meddles in everyone's life!

3) Kerrelyn Sparks - Kerrelyn's Love at Stake series (vampires) is so much fun! She also writes historical romance, but I haven't read any of those. Some of the vampires are Scottish - and because of my Scottish ancestry, I have a soft spot in my heart for men in kilts. Or maybe it's because they look so darned sexy. No, Gus, really - it's because of my Scottish ancestry. Honest.

4) Christine Feehan - Christine has several series, and I like them all. There's the Dark/Carpathian series (vampires), Leopard series (shapeshifter), Ghost Walker series (paranormal action/thriller romance), Sea Haven series (magic) - they're all very well-written. There tends to be less humor in these books, but they're still very good. My favorite? The Dark series, of course! Are you sensing a theme here?

5) Sherrilyn Kenyon - Sherrilyn writes under a couple of different names, but I'm partial to her Dark Hunter series. (The Dream Hunter & Were Hunter books are part of the same storyline - as are The Chronicles of Nick, which is young adult, but still good.) I confess that the Dark Hunters are my favorite! (Yes, they're vampires.)

And I'm going to throw in this one, too. I'm new to this series and have been reading it on my Kindle (borrowed from my local library)...

6) J. R. Ward - Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This one is about warrior vampires. I like it. A lot. I just finished reading the 9th book in the series, and can't wait to start on #11. The 12th book in the series comes out in March!

Runners up, in no particular order:
Jeaniene Frost - Night Huntress series
Gena Showalter - Lords of the Underworld series
Lora Leigh - The Breeds series
Alexandra Ivy - Guardians of Eternity

I know I also mentioned Regency romance - but I didn't list any authors. Most Regency romance books that I read I simply borrow from the library for my Kindle. Some of the authors I've read are: Victoria Alexander,  Julia Quinn, Kathryn Caskie, & Madeline Hunter. But the only Regency-era books that I actually own are written by Stephanie Laurens. She writes wonderful novels and I love the books about the Cynster family. If you enjoy historical romance, I definitely recommend Stephanie's books!

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