How to...clean baking dishes!

Don't you hate how baking dishes get that nasty brown build-up around the edges and handles? And if the dish is white, you also have to deal with the marks made by utensils.

Recently, I tried to clean one of my Longaberger baking dishes with cream of tartar. I had seen a lot of Pins (and read even more blogs) that claimed cream of tartar was great for removing marks from utensils. Um, not so much. (You can read my review here.)

I had also read that Barkeepers Friend was the best way to clean this sort of thing, so I decided to give that a try. I picked up a large 21 oz. container of it at Target for $1.79 - and of course, I forgot to print out the coupon from the website (save $.50!). I also saw it at Kroger - a small 12 oz. container for $1.75 - so Target was definitely the better deal. It's available in a soft scrub, spray foam, and powder - I bought the powder (it's the only one I saw). I also can't believe that the 12 oz. container is $3.99 at and $4.24 at!

Let me tell you - this stuff totally rocks!!!

Check out these before & afters:

I used an old dish scrubber (soft terry on one side, non-abrasive scrubber on the other) - I dampened the soft side, sprinkled some powder on the dish, and gently rubbed. That's it. I didn't have to scrub hard at all to remove the utensil marks!

I decided that I would also try it on the baked-on mess on the handles, edges, and outside of the dish. It rocked even harder!! I had to use a little more elbow grease, but this stuff was amazing! Check this out:

On their website, they list the uses of the product:
  • Daily Cleaning — Use Bar Keepers Friend every day in kitchen and bath to keep surfaces clean and shiny. Its non-bleach formula removes tough stains, too. 
  • Removing Rust — Bar Keepers Friend removes rust better than other top-selling cleansers. 
  • Removing Lime — Bar Keepers Friend removes lime buildup and hard water stains better than other top-selling cleansers.
  • Porcelain — Use Bar Keepers Friend every day to clean and shine porcelain surfaces. It’s also effective on tough hard water stains and rust.
  • Stainless Steel — Bar Keepers Friend cleans and shines stainless steel. Other top-selling cleansers containing chlorine bleach are not recommended for stainless steel.
  • Solid Surfaces — Bar Keepers Friend cleans nonporous solid surfaces such as Corian®.
  • Chrome — Bar Keepers Friend removes hard water stains and makes chrome fixtures shine.
  • Copper & Brass — Bar Keepers Friend removes tarnish and makes copper and brass shine. Do not use Bar Keepers Friend if the metal is lacquered.
  • Fiberglass & Acrylic — Bar Keepers Friend cleans fiberglass and acrylic without scratching.
  • Tile & Grout — Use Bar Keepers Friend to clean porcelain and ceramic tile. BKF® also cleans light colored grout.

  • Gold, silver, pewter, marble, lacquered metals, or anodized aluminum

I'm totally sold on BKF®. It worked better than Mr. Clean Erasers on the baking dish. I love Mr. Clean Erasers, but they didn't do a thing for this dish. My one complaint is that it does tend to leave a fine, powdery residue so you really have to rinse well. But it's a small price to pay for a product that works so well!

(Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Barkeepers Friend, Target,,, or Kroger - except that Buddy works at Kroger. I did not receive any sort of compensation for my review and my opinions are my own.)

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