D-I-Y Trinket Box

This was such an easy little project - and I love the way it turned out! I'm calling it a trinket box for lack of a better description. You can use it to store any small items - in a bathroom, on a night stand - wherever you like!

What I used:
- Paper Mâché Square Box (similar)
- Mod Podge Original 16-Ounce Gloss Finish (I used gloss, but you can use any kind)
- double-sided scrapbook paper
- White Taklon Flat Brush to apply Mod Podge (similar)
- ruler
- pencil
- scissors (I love my Fiskars® Non-Stick Titanium Softgrip Scissors)

I chose double-sided scrapbook paper for a couple of reasons. One, this particular paper has a nice, sturdy weight. And two, you get two coordinating prints for the price of one! There are two sheets in the picture above (so you can see both sides), but I was able to cover this box using just one sheet.

First, I measured the sides of the box and lid, then traced and cut out pieces of the scrapbook paper just slightly larger than the actual measurements. Then I traced the bottom of the box and top of the lid to get the exact size - and cut those to fit.

I worked with the sides first, applying enough Mod Podge to allow the paper to adhere, but not so much that it oozed out and made a mess. I lined the paper up with the bottom edge of the lid - and the top edge of the box. I held the paper in place for a couple of minutes to be sure it was going to stay in place.

There was a little bit of paper hanging over the top edge of the lid and bottom edge of the box. I snipped the paper around the corner edges, then applied a bit of Mod Podge, and folded the paper over the edge. I worked in small sections and held it down with the edge of the ruler until it adhered.

Next I applied the top to the lid and the bottom to the box. These pieces were cut to fit, so all I needed to do was apply Mod Podge and press the paper in place. These pieces cover the folded edges that were just glued down in the above step.

For the last step, I applied a couple of coats of Mod Podge over all the paper, just to give it a glossy look! (It's not quite dry in the picture below - which is why you can still see the white of the Mod Podge in places.)

You could also line the inside of the box, but I opted not to do that.

I'm really pleased with the way it looks - and my total cost was about $3!!

I'm thinking about making a set of these (in different sizes) for my master bathroom!

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