D-I-Y Laundry Soap update!

Remember that Pin Busters post I did about making your own laundry soap? (You can see it here.) Well, we've been using that laundry soap since November.


It works really well, smells wonderful, and costs a lot less than pre-mixed! What's not to love?

We just made a second batch - and almost ruined it.

In the original batch, we used pink Zote soap. I had read that a lot of people use fels naptha instead - so since I could get that at my local store (and the Zote I have to order on amazon), I thought I would just get the fels naptha. (Update: I can now get Pink Zote bars at my local Walmart for 97 cents/bar!)


Fels naptha smells like nasty chemicals. Pink Zote smells like fresh, clean laundry. Which would you rather use?

Since we had already mixed everything together, I decided that I would make a second batch, mix it with the first, and add enough pink Zote for two batches. I know that gives me a little "extra" soap because of the fels naptha, but since these soaps (fels naptha & Zote) don't produce bubbles/suds, I think it will be okay.

Luckily, it worked - and you can't smell the fels naptha at all now! Yay!!

I also have switched out the Oxi-Clean for my local store brand - it works just as well and costs half as much! So now my yearly cost for this soap is just $99!!

Here is the "recipe" we love:

{enjoy the view} Totally Awesome D-I-Y Laundry Soap

1 (4 lb. 12 oz.) box of Borax - at my store it's on the bottom shelf, under the fabric softeners, instead of with the laundry soap; it's much cheaper at my local store than on Amazon.

1 (3 lb. 7 oz.) box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda - at my store, it's next to the Borax; again, much cheaper at my local store than on Amazon.

1 (3 lb.) container of OxiClean- also in the detergent aisle. Amazon's price is comparable. I've used my store brand, too, which seems to work just as well and is half the price.

2 (14.1 oz.) bars of Zote Soap- my local store didn't have this, so I purchase this on Amazon.(I can now get this at my local Walmart for 97 cents/bar.)

1 (4 lb.) box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda - this was in the baking aisle of my local store. They don't have 4 lb. boxes, so I buy two 2 lb. boxes. They're much cheaper locally than on Amazon. (the link is a 1 lb. box - almost $5 for a 1 lb. box? I paid a little over $2 each for my 2 lb. boxes!!) (My local Walmart now has 4 lb. boxes!)

2 (13.2 oz.) bottles Gain Fireworks "Sweet Sizzle" In-wash Scent Booster - found with the laundry soap & fabric softener in my local store. This was the most expensive ingredient, and is entirely optional. You could just use one bottle or none at all.
I use a large Rubbermaid container as my mixing container. Gus uses a kitchen hand grater to grate the two bars of Zote soap. I add half of everything and stir with a slotted spoon until evenly mixed. Then I add the rest and mix again. Super easy! Just don't stick your face too close while mixing, because there is a fine, powdery dust that gets kicked up.

How to use:
You only need to use 1-2 TBSP. per load of laundry. The #1 line on the OxiClean scoop is 1 TBSP., and the #2 line is 2 TBSP. Same with the Gain lid - first line, 1 TBSP., second line 2 TBSP. I use those containers to store some of the laundry soap for immediate use, and leave the rest of it in the large Rubbermaid container.

Seriously - you need to give this stuff a try!!

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