The Adventures of Gus and Kim: Festival of Lights - The Cincinnati Zoo

In December, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo's Festival of Lights. We started going when the kids were little, and went every year for awhile. Then we missed a few years, but for the past 3-4 years, we've managed to make it.

It's really beautiful - they have lights everywhere! There are all sorts of Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa decorations - Santa & his reindeer - music, food, etc. Lots of fun! Of course, you can see some of the animals as well.

Here are some of our pictures from this year:

Have you ever heard of a kea? Me either. It's a parrot from New Zealand that is extremely smart. The Cincinnati Zoo has 12 - and apparently, other zoos think they're crazy to have so many! They have to have double doors, and someone has to manage both doors so that only one is opened at a time. These birds work together - one or more will cause a distraction while others make an escape. They also learned how to work combination locks. The one that Gus is with took his money and deposited into the slot on the box. He also would pick up a cell phone and put it into a container. Crazy smart!!

If you have a zoo near your home that does something like this at Christmas, I highly recommend that you try to attend - it's a lot of fun!

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