Ink Garden cuteness!!

I admit it, I'm a sucker for freebies!!

A few months ago, I saw a deal for 12 notecards from Ink Garden. If I remember correctly, all I paid was shipping, which was around $3.

The coolest part? I designed the cards! I picked from their designs, then added my text.

When they arrived, I was amazed at the quality! The cardstock is very nice - textured and heavy. The design isn't just on the front of the cards - it's on the back, and on both parts of the inside, too! The envelopes are also a nice heavy weight. (The picture with the truest color is the one of the front of the card - and all of the colors match, it's just lighting and my lack of camera skills that make then look different, LOL!)

They also have mugs, iPhone covers, grocery totes, business cards, invitations, notepads, growth charts, mousepads & more. All customizable! They have some cute stuff for Valentine's Day!

Right now, they have a few specials listed on their page:
  • Mousepads 33% off - use code Pad 2013 (exp. 2/12)
  • Notebooks $7.99 - use code Nbook2013 (exp. 2/12)
  • Peel & Stick Growth Charts $19.99 - use code ALLGROW (exp. 1/31)
  • 50% off Business Cards - use code SBusiness (exp. 1/31)

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with Ink Garden in any way. The only way I receive anything from them is by referring people, and this is a referral program that is open to anyone. If you use this link, I would receive $10 credit for each referral (if you place an order), and you would be able to get a customized 11 oz. mug for $1. You can use this link in conjunction with a code from above to get two great deals. Then you can create your own referral code to refer your friends!

Totally cute- and while I kept these for myself, I would be proud to give anything of this quality as a gift, too! I think they would make a great graduation gift!

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