{enjoy the view} D-I-Y Makeup Remover Wipes version 2.0

As you know, I did a Pin Buster on the ever-popular D-I-Y Makeup Remover Wipes that are all over Pinterest. At the time, I made a few adjustments of my own, and was undecided as to whether or not the whole idea of making these wipes was Pin-worthy or not.

I finally used the whole container, and decided it definitely was not Pin-worthy. These wipes didn't remove much of my mascara, and very little of my makeup. Because it's chilly in my bathroom, and I used coconut oil, the oil re-hardened, making little white lumps all over the wipes. Plus, almost every one of the wipes tore as I was trying to get it out of the container. I'm a fairly intelligent woman, so I just can't figure out how this works so wonderfully for everyone else, but not for me. My suspicions are:
1) most people never really tried it
2) the people who love it wear little makeup or makeup that is easily removed

In the interest of saving money, I also tried the makeup wipes from Dollar Tree, and also a travel pack of Target's store-brand - both priced at $1. Hated them both. Too perfume-y, too thin, and didn't remove all of my makeup and very little of my mascara.

So off to the drawing board I went. There has to be a better way!!

First, I looked for something that didn't need to be cut, would easily fit into a container, and separate easily when removing from that container. I found these Kleenex hand towels for a little over $2 at Meijer. They look perfect!

Then I bought these inexpensive store-brand containers at Kroger for under $2.

I decided that I wasn't going to use cleanser in this version because I normally use straight oil to remove my mascara and makeup. But as you know, oil and water don't mix, so I knew I would be adding an emulsifier. Since I make my own products for IFP, I already had this stuff on hand, but I think if you don't want to bother with an emulsifier, just whisking the oil and water together and quickly pouring it over the towels would probably work pretty well.

I divided the towels into two 30-towel stacks, and placed one stack inside a plastic container. Perfect fit!!

Then I poured a little of the solution over the towels, turned them on their side, poured more, then repeated for the remaining two sides. I squished them down a little with my hands to help the solution soak through the layers. After squishing, the towels only took up about half the container. I thought about adding the other towels, but then decided in the interest of staying as germ-free as possible, it was probably best to only make a one month supply.

The oil:
You can use any oil that you like, but I recommend something that is liquid at room temperature. I had a mix of oils on hand, so I used that - fixed coconut (which is liquid at room temp, unlike other coconut oil), sweet almond, grapeseed, jojoba, apricot kernel, and sunflower. You can use one oil or a mix of oils - that's the beauty of it - use what works best for you!

The water:
I used tap water because I wasn't thinking, LOL! I do recommend that you use distilled water - or just boil your tap water. No sense issuing an invitation for nasty germs to grow on your wipes. You can also add a preservative if you like.

The emulsifier:
There are a ton from which to choose, but I used Polysorbate 80. And as I mentioned above, you probably could get by without it if you work quickly.

{enjoy the view} D-I-Y Makeup Wipes ver. 2.0

1 c. warm water (distilled or boiled)
1/4 - 1/2 c. carrier oil(s) of your choice (liquid at room temp)
1-2 tsp. polysorbate 80 (optional)
30 Kleenex paper hand towels
lg. plastic container for towels

They work!!!! The wipes totally removed all of my eye makeup, including mascara, and also all of my silicone-based foundation!!

I like these better because:
  1. they remove eye makeup & silicone-based makeup
  2. they leave skin feeling soft (although you can follow with cleanser if you like)
  3. the towels don't tear
  4. they're sturdy enough for "scrubbing" your face

I made a second batch with the other stack of towels, and a made a few adjustments:
  1. I separated the towels before stacking and wetting them (makes them easier to use/separate once they're wet)
  2. I added a little less oil (because these were for Lulu & she doesn't use silicone makeup)

I also gave some thought to more compact storage. I found that by folding the towels in half, they easily fit in a smaller container.

This is a very small container that is only about 2" tall. It would probably hold 10-15 folded towels and would work well for travel. I've also seen those hard plastic containers made for diaper wipes & sized for travel - those would also work well for these towels.

The verdict: Absolutely 100% Pin-worthy!!! Seriously - these makeup remover wipes are da bomb!!! Love, love, love them. I estimate the cost to be about $3 for 60 wipes (I didn't add the cost of the containers because those are reusable). Lulu's favorite wipes are about $6 for 30, so these are only 1/4 the price! Plus they're extremely gentle so they're great for sensitive skin. They're unscented, but you could add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil if you like.

If you want to make your own makeup remover wipes, and you're only going to try one "recipe", try this one! You won't be sorry! And be sure to let me know if you give them a try!


  1. I love your Pin Busters! It's always a disappointment when something that looks awesome on Pinterest turns out to well...be a bust. ;)

  2. Thanks! I absolutely agree - it's such a disappointment when you see something that looks so clever or so pretty and then you discover there is no way it works!!


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