D-I-Y Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet

Can you tell that I'm really liking this bracelet-making thing? I just finished this Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet and thought I'd share it with you. It was pretty easy to make and extremely inexpensive!

I used:
3mm black suede cord
rhinestone "chain"
black waxed linen cord
black Nymo waxed nylon thread
flower box clasp
4 jump rings

(I bought my suede cord, waxed linen, Nymo thread, & flower box clasp at Hobby Lobby - all for 50% off. The jump rings I already had, but you can get them any place that sells jewelry findings. The rhinestone chain I found at Walmart of all places! I looked everywhere for it but that was the only place that had it - and it was soooo inexpensive!!)

Since I wasn't going to be doing any braiding, I just wrapped the black suede cording loosely around my wrist 3 times, added 2-3 inches (to allow for the end loops), and cut. You can make a single, double, triple, or whatever you want - just measure to fit your wrist!

Next, I made the end loops for the closure. I decided since this was a sparkly bracelet, I wanted a little "fancier" closure - so I used a sparkly flower box clasp. (You can use a button, toggle, or whatever you like - but the size of your end loops will depend upon your closure.) I knew I would be using small jump rings to attach the closure, so I only needed small end loops. I folded each end of the suede cord over, making a small loop - then I wrapped each tightly, several times, with the Nymo thread (I said waxed linen on the picture, but it's really waxed nylon thread), and knotted it to secure. I left "tails" of the suede cord about 1/4" long on each end, which will be hidden once the wrapping is done.

Next, I measured the rhinestones. I placed one end just below the end loop, where I wanted the rhinestones to end, then carefully stretched it along the entire length of the suede cord, until I reached the other end loop. Then I cut the rhinestones to length and put them aside.

Now, I secured the end of the bracelet on a clipboard (with the clipboard clip), placed the rhinestone chain face up on top of the suede cord, and started wrapping the waxed linen around both to secure them together. I admit, it's a little tricky at first, but it gets easier! To secure the first end, I held the end of waxed linen along the loose end of the suede cord, then ran the waxed linen up to the rhinestones, and started wrapping - so that the first 1/4" of wrapping not only covered the suede cord & rhinestones, but also the loose ends of the suede cord & waxed linen. Make sense? Just be sure to keep both cords right-side up and in place. You will wrap the waxed linen between the individual rhinestones.

When you get to the end, you'll need to knot the waxed linen. Luckily, knots end up being very tiny, and they're very secure.

I used my trusty jewelry pliers to attach two jump rings to the loops at each end of the bracelet. Then I used two slightly smaller jump rings to attach each part of the box clasp to the jump rings on the bracelet.

And that's it!! A cute sparkly bracelet for under $5!!

Let me know if you give it a try!!


  1. I found your blog through Delightful Order:) I love your wrap bracelet! I'm definitely going to try one myself - it's gorgeous!

    1. Awesome! And welcome! Let me know how it goes - it's really easy to make!

  2. Love it! Thanks so much for linking at Shine on Fridays! Off to pin to my jewelry board...

    1. Thanks, Amy! And thank you for hosting the weekly Shine on Fridays!!

  3. Great designs and instructions. I really loved how you made this bracelet. Can't wait for more new ideas and designs. Thanks a lot for sharing this to us.

    Rhaie Bryt


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