Chicken Stew...for two

We like to eat chicken a lot, but sometimes, we get tired of making it the same ways over and over. So when I found a little Crockpot Gourmet packet at the grocery store, I thought I'd give it a try.

You just add vegetables, chicken, water, and the packet - that's it. At first, I was just going to add potatoes, carrots, and - but then I decided to throw in a cup of frozen peas and a little chopped onion.

I keep a bag of these peas on hand ($1 at Kroger). They're easy to add to dishes because they thaw so quickly while cooking. I rarely use a whole bag, so I just reseal it until I need more. And they taste good!

Of course, I used a crockpot liner (God bless the brilliant mind who thought of them!!), and just threw everything into the crockpot. I used three boneless, skinless chicken breasts and left them whole, but you could easily add canned chicken, deli chicken, or cut the breasts into pieces.

And after a few hours, I had this! Looks tasty!

Served up with some warm, crusty rolls - delicious!!

Total prep time was about 10 minutes. Minimal cleanup because of the crockpot liner. Cost was less than $10 for two!

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