A good life is when...

This is one of my favorite quotes - and I really try to live my life doing the things that it says. This past weekend, I got up close and personal with the "realize how blessed you are" part. Friday night, Buddy totaled his Jeep and walked away. He has a bruised knee and a broken hand. Blessing #1.

This is what his Jeep looked like when he bought it...

And here it is after he bought new tires and put expensive black wheels on it...he was so proud of it and only had 4 payments left...

And this is what it looks like now...

One of the passenger side tires went off the road, he over-corrected, hit a wet patch, and spun the Jeep around. It landed in a ditch with the passenger side flat on the ground, driver's side up in the air. (There was no alcohol involved.) He was wearing his seat belt, which is probably what saved him from major injuries. Blessing #2. The air bags never deployed because there was no frontal impact. He had a friend with him, and she suffered no injuries other than being a little sore from being bounced around. Blessing #3. The high bank on the ditch and the roll bar on the Jeep probably kept them from rolling over. Blessing #4.

And here is Buddy at the hospital:

The insurance company covered the hospital & doctor fees. Blessing #5. It also covered a rental car for 30 days (Blessing #6) - and even after paying his deductible and what was owed on the Jeep, he'll have enough money to buy another car. Blessing #7. He went back to work on Monday and seems to be doing fine. Blessing #8.

We are truly, truly blessed.

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