Adventures of Gus and Kim: Smoky Mountain Opry - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

When Gus and I were in Gatlinburg in August, we went to see the Smoky Mountain Opry. This is a fairly new show (which is actually in Pigeon Forge), so we didn't know much about it. When I checked out the website, I discovered that they performed a lot of different music - and all of the reviews just raved over the show.

We were amazed at the variety of the music - and the talent of the performers! We were absolutely entertained from beginning to end. So much so that we decided to make another trip to Gatlinburg in November. Just to see the Christmas show!

We snagged an amazing deal for 2-for-1 tickets, but we would've gladly paid full price because we knew the show would be worth every penny. So when we were in G'burg in November, we went back to SMO to see their Christmas show.

Oh. My. Shiny. Lights. On. The. Tree.

If you are ever in G'burg/Pigeon Forge during the Christmas season, you must see this show! (This year it runs Nov. 2-Dec. 30) And if you're in G'Burg/Pigeon Forge any other time, you must see their regular show!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

This is Slim - and he is amazing. He's also very, very funny!

Singing, dancing, ice skating - they've got it all!

The live nativity scene was simply incredible.

The next day, Gus and I happened to run into a couple of the performers - Jonathan and Kendall - first at Starbucks, and then at Old Time Pottery. They were so gracious and friendly! We were really happy to have an opportunity to tell them how much we loved their performance!

Definitely a do-not-miss!!!

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