I've seen the light...candlelight!!

Gus and I love candles. We burn them almost everyday, and are always looking for more. Last year, for Christmas, my mom gave me a lantern that has a battery-operated candle inside. At first, I was skeptical, but from across the room, this seriously looks like a real candle. Don't get me wrong - I still love "real" candles for the scent, but I've seen the light (sometimes I crack myself up) concerning LED candles.

As you know (if you read my blog, and I guess you do or you wouldn't be reading this) Gus & I were in Gatlinburg last month, we made our usual pilgrimage to Old Time Pottery. While checking out the Christmas lights, I saw a 3-pack of LED tealight candles for $2, so I grabbed them. (I have since found out that Walmart also has them for around the same price, but I think it might be 2 instead of 3.)

(Side note: If you have an Old Time Pottery nearby, check out their LED Christmas lights - a 100-light strand was on sale for $5.99!!! The same lights in a regular store were $11.99!! So glad we bought several - and wish we had bought more. I refused to have LED lights in the past because you could only get cool white and I don't care for the blue color. But now they have soft/warm white - so they look a lot more like "regular" white lights. Love them!)

Okay, back to the LED candles...

We had purchased three Christmas candle holders - one etched with Christmas-related words and two with Christmas trees, and I thought the LED tealights would be perfect for them because you would be able to see the words & pictures without wax getting on them. Turns out, I was right! They look great!

Pros of LED tealights:
  • once they're inside the candleholder, you can't tell the difference
  • no messy wax, so no worries about clean-up or spills
  • no flame, so no worries about fire or burns
  • cost-efficient - they're inexpensive, and can be used indefinitely

Cons of LED tealights:
  • no scent (but that's what potpourri is for)
  • you have to dump them out of the candle to turn them on/off (not a big deal)

Have you tried LED candles? What did you think?

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