Dollar Store Decorating...the D-I-Y Christmas version

I'll be honest - I rarely go to any of the dollar stores or Walmart. Mostly, it's because I hate crowds and those places always seem to be really crowded. But I braved* Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and came away with a few items that were perfect for a little Christmas decorating...

I bought 2 glass vases, a tube of small gold ball ornaments, and 3 stems of berries/greenery for a total of $6. I was able to make these two Christmas vases and I still have enough of the gold ornaments left to do another one.

For this one, I just snipped bunches of the berries off the main stem and layered them with some of the gold ornaments (the gold ornaments came in three finishes: shiny, matte, & glitter).

For this one, I snipped the berries again, but I also pulled the silk greenery off the main stem, too. I layered them in the tall vase with the gold ornaments.

For $6 (and leftover ornaments), I think they're pretty cool! Plus, I can use the vases for other seasons as well. Awesome!!

You definitely don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate for the holidays! What kind of budget-conscious decorating have you done?

*Braved is the right word. There was woman who arrived with toddler just before us...that little girl screamed the entire time she (and we) were in the store. Her mother let her run around the store, and she grabbed all kinds of stuff off the shelves. When her mother took it away, she screamed. And screamed. And screamed some more. The worst part is that the store clerk told me that they come in every week and she does the same thing every time. Every. Time. Oh my. Then the other day when I braved a trip to Walmart...They. Were. There. I think it was a sign for me to stay away for awhile.

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