Pin Busters! D-I-Y Spot Remover - is it a miracle?

Have you seen the Pin for the "Miracle" Spot Remover? The one that says it's the "only spot remover you'll ever need"? Man, that just dared me - double-dog, triple-dog dared me... to give it a try.

Apparently, there are two different versions of this. The one I saw first said to use one part Dawn and one part hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Then I saw a second one that said to use one part Dawn and two parts H2O2. I liked the sound of the second one a little better, but I tried them both.

First version - 1 part Dawn, 1 part H2O2
Stain - spaghetti sauce on a cotton bar towel; had been washed, but not dried

Spaghetti sauce is a tough stain to remove, and this did remove a lot of the stain, but it didn't get it all.

Second version - 1 part Dawn, 2 parts H2O2
Stain #1 - residual spaghetti sauce stain left by version #1, washed, dried in dryer
Stain #2 - underarm stains in old t-shirt

I didn't get a good picture of the bar towel, but this version removed the rest of the stain left by the first version. But check out this old t-shirt of Lulu's that I grabbed from the rag bag...

Wow. What a difference that extra peroxide made! Look what it did to these underarm stains!! I put the spot-remover on, left it for a couple of minutes, then rubbed the stained fabric back & forth to work the solution in a bit. Then I rinsed and repeated two more times. I'm guessing if I had left it on overnight and then washed in the washing machine, even more of the stain would've been removed.

The verdict: Pin-worthy!! This is a fabulous find!! Just remember that you may not be able to use it on everything, because the H2O2 may remove some of the dye. So always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Another interesting note: If you let the solution sit overnight in the bottle, it changes from blue to clear!

I'm not sure where this originated, because there are thousands of Pins about it. Some lead back to blogs, but those blogs say "I saw this on Pinterest". So whoever thought of this, major kudos!! I'd give you credit if I could!!

Update: Lulu's boyfriend, Bart, brought me an orange t-shirt that had an ink stain on it. I treated the stain with the 1 part Dawn/2 parts H2O2, then washed it in the washer. The stain was completely removed!! It didn't affect the color of this shirt, but I would still test it in a hidden area to be sure your article is colorfast.

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