I love...DSW!!

My wonderful husband, Gus, knows me so well. One of the things he gave me for my birthday was a gift card to DSW. If you're lucky enough to have a DSW nearby, you know the shoe and handbag goodness that can be found waiting for you just inside the doors. You just want to touch all the pretties.

Lulu and I went to DSW the day after I got the gift card, because it was burning a hole in my handbag! Hey - a good excuse to get a new handbag! (Like I need an excuse.)

After about an hour of wandering around, oohing and aahing, and trying on lots and lots of shoes, I finally made a decision...

I got these adorable Lasky booties by Me Too...

They're black suede, with a 1" hidden platform, and 4" heels. I know that probably sounds uncomfortable, but they are amazingly comfy to walk in! And they look divine!! I love the little kiltie tassel on the zipper! Reg. price $109 - DSW  price $69.95.


And then I saw the cutest Nine West Tunnel crossbody bag. I usually like larger bags. The older you get, the more crap you need to haul around with you. But carrying a larger, heavier bag makes my neck and shoulder (and back) hurt more than usual - so I've been buying a few smaller bags. Sometimes, I keep a larger bag in the car with things that I might need but don't necessarily need to carry with me every second - then I carry the smaller bag into the store or restaurant or wherever.

Anyway, this bag was adorable! It's made of soft, supple butter-like faux leather, and when you flip it open. there are zippered compartments. Plus, the shoulder strap UNSNAPS, converting it to a clutch or wristlet (because there is also a wrist strap!). How cool is that?? Reg. price $49 - DSW  price $19.95. And I love this $20 bag just as much as I love my $100+ Coach crossbody bag. It's not about the price!

I love, love, love them both. You did good, honey!!

P.S. And check this out...

Yep, Gus bought tickets for us to see the Zac Brown Band!! I've wanted to see them since I first heard them sing, but they never toured near us. I am sooooo excited to see them!! Let me tell you, Gus totally rocks. Except when he snores. But the good stuff he does usually outweighs the snoring - which may be why he does the good stuff. But whatever the reason, I'm a happy girl!!

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