Heavenly Frosted Cupcakes...

The day before my birthday, Lulu surprised me with these beauties!! Bless her heart!! You gotta love a girl who surprises her mama with cupcakes!!

They're from a local bakery called Heavenly Frosted Cupcakes - and believe me, they are truly heavenly!!

We have Confetti Birthday Cake...

Chocolate Indulgence...

and last, but not least, my absolute favorite, Peanut Butter Bliss!

They were so pretty, I almost hated to eat them. Almost.

P.S. Earlier this week, the kids took me out for birthday lunches! Buddy and I went to Quaker Steak & Lube, and Lulu and I went to a local restaurant, Firebowl Hibachi (more yum!)! Plus Lulu also bought me lunch at Taco Bell one day. It's pretty cool when your kids are old enough to have jobs and can take you places, LOL!! Most awesome kids ever!!

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