Fun little notebooks!

I stumbled upon this great little website that sells crafty things! I can't remember how I found it, but I think it might have been through one of the blogs I read. They offer one deal per day, Monday through Friday. The prices are incredible - and shipping is usually $3.95. The shipping is pretty quick, too.

I ordered from them the first time a couple of weeks ago when they offered these adorable notebooks with pens included!

One set has a fold-over front cover with an elastic loop for the pen that holds the notebook closed. The paper inside this one is lined.

The other set has unlined paper, and just inside the cover are post-it notes!! There is also an elastic loop for the pen on the front cover.

They were only $7.95 for a set of six (three of each style). I thought they would make great gifts, but I wanted to keep some as well, so I bought two sets. $19.91 for 12 notebooks - including shipping! You can decorate the fronts or just use them as is.

What is the name of this magical store, you ask? It's none other than Just sign up for their emails and the daily deal will be delivered to your inbox 5 days/week. I've seen them offer wire baskets, wall hooks, wooden & paper tags, colorful twine, and all sorts of crafty goodies.

This week, I placed an order for several rolls of Christmas washi tape (only $1.95/roll as compared to $4.99/roll in stores), and two bubble necklaces ($5.95 each as compared to $19.99+ in stores). I'll post about those as soon as I get them!

(Disclaimer: The above opinion is my own. I am not affiliated with nor did I receive any type of compensation for this post.)

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