{enjoy the view} Lasagna

Who wants lasagna? Everyone here always wants me to make lasagna. I admit it, I love that they love it! This is a really basic recipe because Gus & the kids don't like any surprises in their lasagna. Occasionally, I will add ricotta cheese, but most of the time, I just make it with provolone.

{enjoy the view} Lasagna
(serves 8-10)

1 box lasagna noodles (I like Barilla)
5-6 c. {enjoy the view} spaghetti sauce
2 lbs. provolone cheese

Boil the lasagna noodles according to package instructions, then drain, but don't rinse! The sauce will stick to the pasta better if you don't rinse it. Make or reheat sauce.

Spray baking dish with non-stick cooking spray, then put a little sauce in the bottom of the pan.

Add a layer of lasagna noodles, slightly overlapping, then do a layer of sauce, followed by a layer of cheese.

Repeat until pan is full or you use all of your ingredients. Be sure to end up with cheese as the top layer.

Cover with foil, and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove foil and bake an additional 15 minutes.

  1. You can make the lasagna a few hours to a day ahead of time. Just cover it with foil and refrigerate until time to bake. Baking time remains the same.
  2. You can also make the sauce ahead of time. It can be refrigerated for a day or two, or frozen for a couple of months. Just thaw (if needed) and reheat before adding to lasagna.
  3. If you like ricotta, Romano, and/or Parmesan cheese, you can easily add one, or all!

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