D-I-Y Earring Makeover

I bought a pair of earrings from somewhere several months ago - it was one of the discount deal sites that you get daily emails from, but I can't remember which one now, LOL! Anyway, they were only around $10 with shipping - and they're really cute. But they are HUGE!!! Seriously, these things are (were) a good 4-5" long. I was really disappointed, because I thought they were so cute, but there was no way I was going to wear earrings that big. So they sat in my jewelry cabinet for months.

When I started working on bracelets for Christmas gifts, it occurred to me that I could take these earrings apart. I have no idea why I didn't think of it sooner. So I took my trusty little jewelry tools and went to work.

I started with one pair of earrings and ended up with six!!

This is what they looked like before I started:

You can see the jump rings on the back, holding the chandelier levels together. I just opened the jump rings and removed the center and bottom levels, then reattached the bottom level.

Then I took the 10 remaining disks, added fishhook earring wires, and made 5 pairs of single level earrings!

It only took about 15 minutes to do all of this, and all I needed was earring wires (a couple of bucks at Hobby Lobby on sale or with a coupon). I did use jewelry pliers, but I already had those. You could use regular pliers as well, you just need to be careful not to mark the metal by squeezing too hard.

I kept the bigger ones, gave one of the smaller pairs to Lulu, three of the smaller pairs to my nieces, and I still have one small pair left! The single ones remind me of snowflakes!

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