"The Pit"

We moved into our present home about 5 years ago. We love it here - it's a great neighborhood with some really awesome neighbors. (And a couple of oddballs, but what can you do?) We love the house, too - but as I'm sure is the case with just about everyone, there are things that we want to change.

One of the things we've wanted to do is add a fire pit area to the backyard. We've been working towards that for a couple of years, gradually adding landscaping to give us a little privacy.

Just a few weeks ago, we finally had a crew out to do most of the work. We fondly call it "The Pit" now and it looks great!

First, a two-man crew came in and removed all the grass...

Then they built the fire pit and added river rock...

Gus & I went shopping for chairs, and ended up with these four (50% off at Meijer!) and the reversible chair pads (50% off at Target!)...

Then we decided to add one more row of bricks to the fire pit to make it a little taller - and we bought two more chairs (65% off at Meijer) - and also a couple of little tables. I forgot to take pics of the tables before Gus worked his magic on them, but this is what we did: The tables were originally a blond wood meant for indoor use. Gus sanded them a little and sprayed them with Rustoleum Leak Seal Flexible Rubber Coating (this stuff is awesome!). Then he sprayed them with Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metallic Paint. They look great!

Gus also completely stripped the swing (which took about a week to do!), and repainted it. We hung it on the opposite side of the patio, which I think looks much better - plus it makes the whole "pit" look larger.

Gus still needs to haul those old pieces of concrete away. In the spring, we'll paint the patio, add a planter with flowers around that center post, and put up some hanging baskets.

But even with a few things left to do, we're really happy with the results. Since the nights have been chilly, Buddy & his friends have been out there almost every night enjoying the fire pit.

I think it's time for s'mores!!

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