Pin Busters! The Top 5 Worst Pins

Ever tried a Pin that failed so badly you wondered how anyone could have possibly thought it was great enough to pin? Today I'm going to give you my Top 5 Worst Pins:

5) Reset your printer cartridge with a paper clip - Supposedly, once your printer cartridge says "low ink", you can use a bent paper clip to reset and get more ink out of it. I have a HP printer, and I buy HP ink cartridges. I took one of the cartridges out and examined it for a "reset button", but there wasn't anything on it that remotely looked like what they showed in the picture. I Googled it, and apparently, this only works with a very limited number of printer cartridges. And HP isn't one of them. People who are repinning this - you need to let everyone know this! People who are blogging about this - you need to tell people that it only works on a very limited number of cartridges! Geez - false advertising...

4) Use a coffee filter to clean the dust off your LCD TV screen - I've never seen dust like that which collects on the screen of an LCD TV. Once you start dusting, there's all of this fine, gritty dust that wasn't there when you started. And you have to be so careful about what you use to dust it. According to these Pins, a coffee filter will work wonders at getting the dust off without harming the screen. The Pin picture even shows a spotless TV screen. Um, no. A picture is worth a thousand words, for sure:

If anything, the coffee filter made the TV look worse than it does when dusted with anything else! I finally had to use a microfiber cloth to get all of the dust off - and I had to go over it several times...

3) Use apple cider vinegar, Dawn, & salt to kill weeds - according to this Pin, this is a miracle mixture that costs cents to make and works wonders. Well, we must have mutant ACV/Dawn/salt-resistant weeds here because it only made them wilt and turn a little brown - then they grew back. I guess if you don't mind treating, retreating, and retreating, etc., then it's okay. But it's not the miracle the Pins claim. Seriously, did these people even bother to try this??

2) Use a cardboard toilet paper roll to keep wrapping/shelf paper from unrolling - according to this Pin, you just cut the cardboard roll lengthwise and fit it over the wrapping/shelf paper and it will hold it in place. I've tried three different brands of toilet paper rolls - from cheap to I-can't-believe-I-paid-that-much-for-paper-to-wipe-my-@$$ - and once I cut the cardboard, the roll opened up and was so loose it wouldn't hold anything. Leaving the cardboard roll uncut worked much better.

1) Spray your windshield with vinegar to keep ice from forming - Mwahahahahaha!! Excuse me, while I LMAO. The Pin said to take 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water, spray your windshield at night, and it will keep ice from forming the next morning. DID NOT WORK!! Gus said if anything, it was MORE difficult to clean his windows. (Sorry, no pictures for this one!) Disclaimer: Gus tested this one for me. I did not supervise the mixing or application of the solution. Take that for what it's worth. (Sorry, honey!)

So they're good for a laugh, but that's about it. Thank goodness the "works" Pins far exceed the "doesn't work" ones!


  1. Hi Kim,
    I too tried the toilet paper roll over the roll of wrapping paper to no avail... but then I tried a paper towel roll and it WORKS! Of course, once the roll of wraphing paper is nearly gone it will slide down the end, but I had much more success with the paper towel rolls. Try it and see what you think!


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