Pin Busters! Give your hair beach waves!

There are several versions of this pin, but I tried the one that says to loosely braid a section of your hair, twist the braid into a spiral, then run your flat iron down the braid, following the spiral.

My hair is naturally wavy, so it doesn't take much to make it curl or wave. I was really hopeful that this would work, because sometimes, I would like to wear my hair wavy. It sounded easy enough -

Braid, twist, flat iron, cool, run fingers through hair.

That was easy!

Uh-oh. These aren't beach waves...

The verdict: Soooo NOT Pin-worthy! I'm really disappointed. This was just a lumpy mess. I had to wash it to get the lumps out - I couldn't even flat iron them out. I think I'll try the D-I-Y Beach Wave Spray and let my hair dry naturally. If I do - I'll post!

Have you tried a beach wave method that worked? Share!

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  1. Try just the braid alone and just clamp down on each part of the braid (like you would a crimper to your hair. ) until the broad is flat and hot. Let it cool off and tada! Works for me


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