Lemon Garlic Herb Chicken

This is a really simple recipe for Lemon Garlic Herb Chicken - just three ingredients: chicken, marinade mix, and lemon juice. And you need a large ziploc bag...

I use Weber's Just Add Juice garlic herb marinade packet. You just add 1/2 c. lemon juice to it to make the marinade.

Put the marinade and the chicken in the ziploc bag, seal, turn it over a few times to coat the chicken, then place in the fridge overnight. The package says 30 minutes or longer, but I like to leave it overnight to make the chicken more tender and flavorful.

The next day, just remove the chicken from the bag and cook however you prefer. We like to grill it, so we use Reynolds Grill Foil to keep the mess to a minimum.

It took about 15 minutes for this chicken to cook - your time will vary.

Ta-da! Served with a little salad and a twice-baked  potato...


This recipe is really healthy! There is no oil involved in the marinade or cooking and the chicken is lean and skinless. Yum!

Weber also has five other flavors, all using some type of juice.
BBQ - apple juice
Citrus Herb - orange juice
Caribbean Jerk - orange juice
Lemon Pepper - lemon juice
Teriyaki - pineapple juice

I haven't tried any of those, so if you do, let me know!

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