Family treasures

I am a sentimentalist. I cry when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm hurt - well, you get the idea. It doesn't take much to make tears well up in my eyes. I especially get all misty when I think of my family - how much my kids have grown, how lucky I am to be married to a guy like Gus, and how much I miss my grandparents.

I have a few things that belonged to my grandparents - and even some that belonged to my great-grandparents (see the post on their dining room set here). I really treasure those things. No, they're not worth much, but to me they are priceless.

One of those treasures is an ironing board that belonged to my Grammy. Now you know I'm a sentimentalist if I treasure an ironing board, because ironing is right up there at the top of my "Things I Hate" list. I never saw her iron on anything else - and my mom remembers her using it when she still lived at home, too. My mom will be 74 this year, and I'll be 51, so I estimate the age of the ironing board to be between 50-75 years old.

It's made of wood with heavy, heavy, heavy metal legs. This thing weighs a ton! But it works well and I feel close to my Grammy when I use it. I doubt that any ironing board made today would last 50-75 years!

There is/was a label on it, but most of that has disappeared over the years. I have no idea where it was purchased. Can you believe this thing actually has nails in it? And not one of them has popped over the years.

I think I need to have Gus refinish the metal legs - they're looking pretty rough. But I wouldn't trade this ironing board for the fanciest schmanciest ironing board available. Although, if there was an ironing board that did the ironing for you, I would be willing to work out some sort of deal - as long as I could keep Grammy's, too.

And yes, I do use an ironing board pad and cover - it just happened to be in the wash. Actually, it's the same pad and cover that was on it when I got it after my Papa passed away. I can't seem to bring myself to change it. She's been gone 14 years, he's been gone 7 years - and I have no idea how long it was on the ironing board before she passed away. Yep, I'm a sentimentalist.

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